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Ideally, your work space should have a door that you can shut. Write down your schedule for the day, week, and month. If you're working a full-time position which requires you to work 40 hours a week, have a goal of working regular hours, from 9 to 5 or so. You can start a little earlier or end a little earlier if it suits your needs, but you should be available during business hours so you can communicate with your colleagues.

Keep a planner at your desk where you will mark the hours that you will work every day, along with any planned lunches, meetings, and even scheduled breaks. Every morning, before you dig in to work, review your planner to get a better sense of what your week and month will look like. If you have a lot of meetings set up for the end of the week, you should try to work a bit more at the beginning of the week to balance them out.

Maintain a killer to-do list. Having a to-do list will make you feel more organized and less tempted to slack off or multi-task. You should keep a to-do list that has three separate lists: That way, if you get a jump start on the day's work, you can move on to completing the tasks for the next day or the ones that just need to get done that week. You can designate certain tasks for certain days. For example, you can do all of your filing on Mondays, spend most of your Tuesdays communicating with your clients, start new projects on Wednesdays, and so on.

You can reward yourself every time you check off an item from your to-do list. If each task takes about an hour to complete, tell yourself you'll have a snack, quickly check your email, or go for a minute walk when you complete it.

Be savvy with your equipment. Being able to successfully work from home means that you will be the master of your computer, phone, and fax system. These will be your lifelines and if you want to succeed in an at-home professional environment, you won't be able to ask anyone for help. Therefore, before you jump into working from home, you should know the ropes at your home work station.

Poke around on those programs during your spare time and make sure you know exactly what to do during work hours so you don't get bogged down.

Learn to love your computer. You should know exactly how to make your computer work as efficiently as possible. If you're serious about working on your computer, you may invest in a second monitor, which has been shown to boost productivity.

Be the master of your phone. You should have a cordless landline phone to avoid any potential problems getting cell phone reception. Learn how to use your phone for conference calls, and how to use the all-important mute button. Be one with your printer. Learn how to print, fax, and scan all documents quickly and keep reserves of paper on hand at all times.

Keep an organized desk at all times. Your desk should be just as neat and organized as it would be if you were working from home. The only personal things on your desk should be the same photos or mementos that you would bring to the desk in your office. Your desk should be spacious enough for you to comfortably place your computer on it and leave room for papers and office supplies. Keep a cup with pens and pencils on your desk. Every month, go through them and throw out any writing implements that no longer work.

Have an outstanding filing system. Whether you keep your files in your desk drawer or the filing cabinet next to your desk, you should organize all of your important papers in different and clearly-labeled folders and you should know exactly where your papers are.

You can keep a filing tray on your desk where you place important documents that need to be filed, but makes sure to file them at the end of the day or week so you don't get bogged down. Keep office supplies handy. Staplers, highlighters, and post-it notes should all be on your desk or in your top drawer, so you don't spend an hour looking for them.

Don't forget to go ergonomic. If you spent all of your time at your desk, make sure you have a chair that supports your back, and a keyboard and mouse that don't hurt your wrists. If you're typing all day, consider investing in an ergonomic sideways mouse or a split keyboard.

Don't do personal things during work hours. Though you may be tempted to complete other errands or chores while you're working, or even to set up a personal engagement, it's not professional to mix your errands with your actual work. You may feel that this saves time, but you'll actually be losing time by trying to get everything done at once. If you have errands to run, don't get up in the middle of your work day to do them.

You can quickly try to do an errand like running to the post office during your lunch break, just as you would during work. Avoid the temptation to clean your home. Though you may want to scrub down your floors and put away your dishes during a conference call, this will actually distract you from communicating with your colleagues and listening to what they have to say. Don't spend an hour catching up with your best friend on the phone, or hanging out with your friends during the day.

You can catch up with a friend during a quick lunch break, but don't socialize too much during the day or you'll get off track. You wouldn't spend an hour catching up with a friend on the phone if you came in to the office, would you?

Avoid texting your friends with silly messages during work hours. This will slow you down tremendously. Maintain professional communication over the phone and Skype.

To be professional when you work at home, you need to have top-notch communication skills. When you have a phone conference, you should be even more prepared than your colleagues who work at the office because you'll need to speak up to get heard and make sure that people know who you are even though you work from home. When you talk on the phone with colleagues, make sure there are no distractions. Go to a quiet place and make sure your kids or family members don't interfere.

Set up a Skype-friendly environment. Chances are that you'll be using Skype a lot for your conferences, so make sure you set up your computer in a space with a lot of light and with a plain, pleasant background. Don't let friends and family interfere with your work schedule.

Your friends and family may not understand that "working from home" means "actually working. First, communicate the importance of your schedule to your friends and family. Tell them to call you only if it's important -- just as they would call you at the office. If you have children, create a schedule that works around their schedule so you have designated work hours when you don't need to be picking them up, making them lunch, or tucking them in for a nap.

Don't try to do your work at the same time as you're taking care of your family. Though you're working from home, you should still get to know your colleagues and to develop professional relationships with them.

This will make it easier for you to work with them and you'll feel more excited about coming to work. Here are a few things you can do to stay connected while working from home: Make sure that you can be easily reached at all times. Check your email and work chat program if you have one as often as possible and keep Skype open on your phone if you use the program often and need to leave the house.

Your colleagues should feel that you're just as accessible as someone sitting next door. For more info and to apply, click Visit Website at right. Advertisers are willing to pay you for your opinion on various topics. How does it work? Search through a list of Opportunities, create a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid!

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Search for Work Online From Home jobs at Monster. Browse our collection of Work Online From Home job listings, including openings in full time and part time. Aug 08,  · 3 work at home online jobs that aren't scams. Many people see working at home as the Holy Grail of job perks and thanks to the Internet, it's totally possible. Part-time work, and more specifically part-time work you can do from home, has grown in popularity in recent years. With fewer hours spent at the office and little or no commute, professionals from all walks of life are interested in the benefits these types of jobs have to offer.