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Yes, you can get on a coop to buy leads or purchase them an outside lead source, but this is personal preference. We found that it just brings more desperation which in return gives us more stress, making it hard to sleep at night. The Better Business Bureau is definitely one that I stay away from as they are a privately held, non-profit organization comprised of corporations. Friday, March 07, Cons I don't have any cons except if you don't have time to make the contacts, this business is not for you. I earned a couple great college degrees and have many executive level resources and if I ever have a problem, I would take it through professional channels to sue them. We'll call him Joe Joe invites me to attend a seminar and to my disbelief about half the room was filled with other Ameriplan Brokers and three of these people are NSD's National Sales Directors with Ameriplan.

It was really nice to be avle to work from home, with the wonderful flexibilty of work hours that I had. Training Recruiter/Specialist (Former Employee) – Plano, TX – March 14, I learned that I could overcome the fear of sales and management/5(7).

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My typical work day consist of speaking with people to enroll them in the plan that best suits their needs. In addition, I train others to be Benefit Consultants. It does require being goal oriented, organized, and working with people. What I have learned is learning to cope with other people's learning style and speed. Since I am my own boss, there is no "management" per se. I have a great business partners that step in when I need their help.

The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing I provided excellent service to a customer who is satisfied. A big plus is that a minimal amt of money is required to get started with that money going towards your choice of a discounted benefits package for your home.

Training is on going and done exceptionally well. This is a company that is all they say they are! The terrific thing about this program was that I could work it from the comfort and privacy of my home. I would respond to people calling from ads I placed and give them more information on the opportunity, so I never had to do cold calling or door-to-door sales. My managers were also extremely helpful and answered all the questions I had so that I could get off to a strong start.

On the other hand, I had to make a least a dozen calls to close just one sale. To make matters worse, I got tired of reiterating to the dense masses that AmeriPlan was not health insurance, only a discount medical and dental plan. Then there were those who got surly with me because they wanted to buy insurance that would exonerate them from enrolling in Obamacare, and I certainly couldn't help them there.

They say there is no cold calling, that all potential clients have already expressed interest in their health packages, but that's BS. Months of calling people trying to get them to sign up, and many hundreds of dollars later, and I never received one nibble of a sale, let alone one sale in itself. I don't expect you'll listen to any advice from a former 'employee'. You're at the top now and making the big money- why should anyone expect you'll change anything? Lowest level slobs can continually come and go, and you'll still be making big money.

Why should you worry about the little guy making it when there are hundreds or thousands lined up behind him to take his place when he finally wakes up and figures out this whole company and how they operate is nothing but a scam. I love the team dynamics within AmeriPlan, from the company owners all the way down to the newest Benefit Consultant. My only complaint so far was the lack of mentorship and genuinity from my sponsor.

She sent the obligatory emails and called me once, but it was all scripted. I believe, however, it was because she is a National Vice President and just simply doesn't have time to deal with new recruits. My advice to AmeriPlan's management is to leave mentoring new recruits to the lower-level Benefit Consultants. I believe that would help foster more respect, teamwork, and individual success from the get-go. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

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Pros Just need to put in time and effort and the money comes. Cons No cons if you don't have time then I wouldn't do it. Brad Wylie, Texas U. Respond to this report! Friday, December 06, Tuesday, May 13, Tuesday, July 08, There seems to be a lot of ranting and arguing, very little intelligent conversation.

Tuesday, August 06, Tuesday, April 29, Monday, February 24, Thursday, October 31, Sunday, March 23, Friday, March 07, I am sorry to see such a negative report from close to 10 years ago is still a full feature.

Saturday, February 02, Brad, So sorry to hear you feel that way about Ameriplan, and others as well. Like I have had to tell other people myself you do have to work to make money, just like you would anywhere else, checks do not fall from the sky, sign ups are not just going to magically appear and grow your check. Ameriplan provides us with amazing tools and products we have to decide to use them.

It takes work and energy to build those upfront and residual checks and you have to be willing to do it, has anyone ever made any money from doing nothing? Hope you found what you were looking for. Ameriplan is my forever plan. Thursday, November 15, Here is my opinion. The company is trying to get me into the business.

Anyone who has to pay a company to make money, is a scam. If they need brokers, why do they want you to pay them to work for them selling their insurance? Saturday, September 08, My story is completely different than yours! I am reaching great success with AmeriPlan in a very short period of time.

You failed to mention that your IBO fees also included benefits for your entire household. Just because your upline misinformed you and lied to you does not reflect all leaders of this company. I am on the Freedom at Home Team and we are the largest and fastest growing team within AmeriPlan and have several six-figure income earners within our team. Me being one of them. Sorry for your misfortune. You should have read your contract before you started cross recruiting.

Put the blame where it belongs. It's a shame how people try to blame their mistakes and stupidity on someone else and you are a clear case of that. Saturday, March 31, They do not care who they prey on, as long as they get your money. Sad to say, this is how American businesses have been for a while. It's a dog-eat-dog world already but why erect businesses that are infected with money hungry rabies? They are such a lie and the people who work work them uses the bases of God to suck you in!!

My gosh, I'm a christian but they couldn't wait to feed off of my beliefs!!!! How horrible are they??? Thursday, June 28, Can you say "pyramid scheme?

From the website of the Montana State Auditor: I simply did a search for "ameriplan" and lo and behold this is a small excerpt - go read the complete document0: AmeriPlan and its agents and officers were accused of failing to contract with the medical care providers including doctors, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants and hospitals they advertise as participants in AmeriPlan's medical care discount program. The Auditor alleges that over Montana AmeriPlan members living all across the state were unable to use the discount cards because there were few, if any, providers in Montana.

Additionally, AmeriPlan is charged with conducting an illegal pyramid promotional scheme because it sold broker packages for the purpose of recruiting memberships.

Because the memberships were for discounts that did not exist, Morrison alleged there was no actual product being sold. AmeriPlan's largest source of income in Montana was from the sales of these broker packages, which were nothing but a pyramid scheme, according to the Auditor's charging document. AmeriPlan's website and other advertising, including oral assertions from some of its agents, claimed to have a substantial number of medical care providers, dentists, and chiropractors contracted to provide a significant discount through the purchase of its card.

When the Auditor's office investigated these claims they were unable to find a single medical care provider or chiropractor who honored the discount cards. The only dentist who had contracted with AmeriPlan was located in Forsyth and was on probationary status with the Montana Board of Dentistry for his unlawful activities in Colorado. The new law requires the discount card companies to have contracts for services with providers located within a 60 mile radius of the card holder.

The company was told to stop its activity in November of but AmeriPlan continued to market its discount cards until the matter was referred to Morrison's legal staff in late April. Additional charges included securities fraud, using deceptive or fraudulent practices in the marketing of their discount cards, selling unregistered securities by unregistered salespersons and failure to stop marketing the cards when they were not properly registered.

So much for "just a bunch of whiners," huh? You know I just can't resist this. Lisa is the most recent complainer. First of all Ameriplan puts everything in writing Really Ameriplan doesn't need defense If Ameriplan was so concerned about this BBB listing, they would be just like any of the more major corporations that lobby bbb excessivly to ensure their membership. The incident in Montana is likely the decisions of a misguided or misleading IBO that most surely did not have to recommendations of corporate to market benefits without people having an understanding of providers.

If I was any idiot that comes along and complains about such a low cost product that many people cliamed to have save quite a bit of money with I would spend my time complaining about some of the more falsely represented major insurance carriars I read all the time about how people were dropped from their insurance policy without notice based on incomprehensible reasons such as unknown pre existing conditions or just simply fighting you in court because of a futile disagreement with a blatent or obvious claim.

Lets keep things in perspective here. A few people lost a few little dollars or weren't satisfied completely with their benefits I guarantee you'll find many more complaints about many other corporations that you take for granted.

Heck, if you're gonna spend time fighting and writing for common "innocent" people Anyways just a quick note I have much more, but don't got time I am making this statement completely indendent of the opinions and thoughts of Ameriplans corporate staff.

Thursday, May 03, Lisa, All I can say is that you are a very dumb person. If Ameriplan was a scam we'd be out of business. Without Ameriplan Millions of people couldn't afford to even go to the dentist. Just because you were lazy and didn't succeed doesn't mean it's a bad company.

As far as the BBB goes: Just because some stupid person in Montana was trying to get rich off Ameriplan means nothing. Everyone these days is trying to sue someone. You need to just calm down and take a chill pill. Ameriplan is a great company. Again if we were a scam we would be out of business. Wednesday, April 18, I can not believe the current IBOs that post on here.

You are all fakes and liars. Ameriplan was revoked from being a member of the BBB in February of Yet the current IBOs still claim Ameriplan is so concrete and wonderful. Well get this, Go to any city of craigslist or backpage.

Oh, and let us not forget the reason why this "honest" and "fruitful" company got revoked from being a member of the BBB. Just go to any search engine and look up Montana Attorney State General and do a search on Ameriplan. Ameriplan kept trying to sell Ameriplan memberships to the public of Montana, when there were no providers. All of the IBOs of Ameriplan. By the way, I contacted the BBB and filed a report. The BBB in most of the major cities were none to thrilled to find out that Ameriplan is still representing itself as a member of the BBB.

Everytime I see a job posting try to con some innocent person into this scam, I take their information and post it to the BBB of that city. I hope you burn in H LL! Love to Hate Ameriplan! Ameriplan is a SCAM!! Ameriplan has no morals or ethics! Thursday, April 12, Is it really their fault for anyone's lack of success?

I don't think so. Based on the negative comments about how things weren't working the way they should have, one needs to look at themselves to see if they are really doing what needs to be done to make their business successful.

If you don't follow company policy and if you don't follow the training that is being given to you - how can you possibly blame others for your shortcomings? Because you aren't getting a paycheck like you would in a corporate job? This is a business - any business in the world comes with expenses, just a fact of doing business.

The potential of success in AmeriPlan R or any other business for that matter is completely dependent upon the individual. What I see happening in all these negative reports about this company and that company, is people seem to "thrive" off blaming others for their failures.

It was even mentioned the product it's a service is great for what it is; it's an opportunity for those who can not afford health care coverage at the insane prices that insurance companies charge. What's so horrible about people saving money? Why is it that when one is researching information about a company that they look for the "negatives" and what is wrong?

Of course I want to make sure that the company I get involved with is reputable and has a product or service that the majority of the population can use. I look towards government agencies that would have information about a company and their business practices and whether they're a good risk or not. The Better Business Bureau is definitely one that I stay away from as they are a privately held, non-profit organization comprised of corporations.

These corporations are supposedly a group of our "peers" per say and we're supposed to "trust" what they say?? They're corporations and one thing I'm staying away from as I get nothing out of a corporate job, other than a "flat" rate per hour or year and a measly raise that doesn't even compare to the cost of living. What has happened to the compassion in people these days?

Isn't the world filled with enough negativity that people have to lash out at others? Why not state what didn't work for you in your attempt at this business instead of mudslinging? Harboring negative feelings will only bring about negative karma.

So this business didn't work for you, maybe it wasn't the right fit at that time. Maybe you didn't follow all the training methods put forward. What does it do for you to slam a company and people? I think people are intelligent enough to make their own decision whether or not this business or another is the right thing for them. The facts are presented to them to make an informed decision. Maybe your sponsor wasn't forthcoming with the information and they too could have been ill-informed but blaming the entire company I think is a little drastic on your part.

I would want to be warned and informed if there was a food company that had been contaminating the food that I eat - getting involved with a business, I will make that decision with or without your nasty comments.

Thursday, April 05, It is so sad to see this kind of bad-mouthing going on. My name is Cody Miller, my father is Scott Miller. My dad has been with the company for 11 years. I currently have no residual income to speak of but my father has an income of just under a quarter of a million dollars a year. AmeriPlan says 2 - 4 years of consistent and diligent effort and you can become financially free.

I've seen it with my own two eyes. Don't let Brad's report fool you, AmeriPlan is a 15 year old company, holding the highest attainable rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are not a scam, scheme or rip-off in any way. But YOU have to work. Furthermore, your upline is not AmeriPlan. Let his poor character reflect upon himself, not this amazing company. Wednesday, March 21, Brad, not only is your complaint a bit hard to follow, your account of what happend to you as an IBO with Ameriplan seems to have some holes in it. While I agree that you had the best interest of your downline, potential and existing customer base in mind, in doing so you willingly broke the policies and procedures that you agreed to and signed in both your IBO application and your Sales Director Contract.

Secondly, if you were working 18 hours a day on your Ameriplan business, you obviously alotted no time for attending organizational training calls. To put it plainly, you weren't plugging in with the people who know how to run this business successfully!

If you had you would have been hip to the fact that when left to your own devices, you run the risk of driving your business into an unproductive spiral and spinning your wheels. Chasing bad money with good money. By your own inferrence, you spent 18 hours a day doing all the wrong things, all of the time. Now I'm sorry that the entire Ameriplan family is compelled to gang up on you after a post like this, but hey, we're a family!

Just goes to show that for every one negative post on here, your gonna hear the facts from those who have put our best foot forward and have tasted the success that follows.

For the lady who posted that we're all "fakes". Judd Morris posted his full name, he does exist, is a heck of a nice guy as well as a successful one with this company. No, I'm not in his downline Policies and procedures, bro.

Sunday, October 15, I am an IBO with Ameriplan. Yes, I just have to say that it's a shame that naaivity can be so eminent. But Brad, straight up look in the mirror and ask yourself I mean get realistic! Ameriplan can show you what to do, but only you can master it. It's just a fact, any failures you have with Ameriplan are your own failures, straight up And yes, you can work another business with another health care product I mean if you were a programmer at microsoft Other people work for decades just to even start a business period.

I mean I dont know what else to say about it Oh and when you actually make over your broker fee in residual income, ameriplan just takes it out of your check. Thursday, October 05, Maybe you get that fat check because your hispanic. After all, whites are the one's that are discriminated in this country.

Monday, September 04, I couldn't help myself but I needed to respond to this last comment on here. All of us IBO are dreaming? Well, believe what you want.

I laugh at that comment everytime I open my mailbox and see a fat check from Ameriplan R with my name on it! Thursday, July 13, Brad, I do understand exactly what happened. It happened to me too. Everything that you said was an exact review of my experience. They are all in a daze. Half of the people that go in here and say, "Oh, AmeriPlan has been so wonderful" are fake.

The NSD's and the rest of the upper downline go and post comments of fake people and how they are just so happy. Please, get over it people. The company needs to just go away.

I will laugh, truly laugh when the dreamers wake up, and they don't have their residual as "delivered on the promise". Thursday, July 06, Brad You seem so very angry. I have built a very nice little residual income for me and my family.

I have been to 2 leadership conferences, one in L. I have been to one national convention and am getting ready to leave for my second National convention in Dallas in just 7 days. I have achieved the level of Senior regional Sales director and will be an Executive Sales director by early next week before leaving for convention.

I have been featured on the cover of AmeriPlan's Spotlight magazine in september, I was flown to dallas all expense's paid and put up in a five star hotel with 50 other top producers last january for the leaders of tomorrow conference. In the first year of my business when I could not afford to go to conventions and conferences I have had some of the top leaders in this company such as Mark Jarvis step up and pay my way.

When I told him I would pay them back after I was earning k per year I was told to pay it forward! AmeriPlan has truly delivered on every promise ever made to me and my downline. It sounds to me that you just simply did not sell very much. It comes right off the top of my commissions.

As for buying expensive leads from ameriPlan is concerned. I have heard rumors that AmeriPlan used to sell leads but from what I heard they were very reasonably priced. They do not currently sell leads. Alot of those leads I give away for free to my down line. It sounds to me that if buying leads was starving you and your family you should have had enough business sence to slow down on your leads purchases. A good business man sets a marketing budget based on what he can afford and never exceeds that budget.

This is a business Brad. If you do not have good business sence then you should not be in business for yourself. The first thing I have them do is make a list of everyone they have ever known. The pupose of this list is not to hard sell anyone.

It is the same concept as if you were opening your own rib restaraunt. Who would you want to tell about it? Making the list is supposed to be like having a grand opening. We want to let everuone we know know that we are in business for ourselves. If they are interested, great! If not, move on!

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