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List of 100 Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

Foap allows you to make money by selling photos you take on your iPhone. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for that warning! Perfect for a little extra cash. Part of your Workstation will include taking tests that, when you pass, unlock new assignments. As a Mod, your job can include everything from chatting live with customers to moderation comments on forums.

Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs Data Entry. Work at home transferring data from one source to another. Most of these companies do not require past experience, although with few exceptions the pay may not be enough to consider it a stable income.

Now Hiring: Customer Service Email Jobs

Do you know what recent reviews of Panda Research have been? This appears to be one of the few that pays cash for surveys, though I see that reviews of this company are mixed. This article will give you a detailed roadmap on how to avoid scams: Hi is malena I looking for a Job of housekeep , dogs care, or laudry service on Brooklyn area star today. Call me now at Thankyou. Hi Magdalena, Try looking at Care. My story, essentially, is that I am an nontraditional adult student in the hard sciences.

I am also not a bad cook and very familiar with computers. Also, we will be relocating from Chicago to Cincinnati in approx. Hi JD, Are you looking for a job or would you like to start your own business? And when you say hard sciences, do you mean biology, chemistry, etc.?

I have ended up on your site at least once a day for the last few months along with a few others. I recently started working with Appen as an independent contractor, but still need to pick up more work before I can leave the full time position behind.

My question is this: I totally understand about wanting to get out of customer service! But, there are positions for detailed oriented individuals who are fast and accurate typists. Check out this post for some ideas: Have you ever thought about becoming a Virtual Assistant? I applied with Fancy Hands and Vicky Virtual in the past. When I never heard back, I guess I got discouraged. With that giant list, I will definitely give the Virtual Assistant route another shot!

This post will give you a great place to start: If you have further questions after checking that out — let me know. I really want to look into a stay at home job and see how it goes. Freelance writing really sticks out to me, I took a lot of writing courses. Hi thanks for the suggestions.

I am looking to supplement my income working online and potentially I want to work full time online. Besides the tutoring do you have any other ideas for home based opportunities? Hi Talya, This post has a lot of ideas: I currently work full time in a pediatric office as a medical biller.

I love the work that I do but would prefer to work from home. I am a certified medical biller. Do you know of any work from home medical billing jobs? Hi Robyn, Have you checked out CSI Companies — they usually have a lot of listings for remote medical billing positions.

As with most survey companies, they request your phone number as part of the survey. Now I am getting an enormous amount of calls and getting crazy texts asking me if I want to be paid in installments. Those text are almost on a daily basis anymore. So do surveys at your own risk. You can also create a Google Voice account and use that number instead of your real phone number. Thanks for sharing your experience. My sister is looking for at home work that is hands on that is legitimate and requires no start up fees or cost to join.

She is legally blind and needing extra income to supplement her disability income. Do you know any such jobs that she may find in that category?

Hi Naomi, Assembly jobs are unfortunately scams. Hi Naomi, Have you checked out this list of remote job leads? Hi, I wanted to know if there are any companies that could possibly hire teens? I really want to earn money this summer and since I cant work at an actual job, I have to resort to online jobs. Any info is highly appreciated! Hello I am looking for something. I have had a major neck surgery and looking for something to help me with my bills.

Hi Janis, Check out these articles — they will give you a great place to start your search:. Hi Deanna, There are lots of jobs for nurses to do from home, but sadly, the majority of them require some phone work. FlexJobs is a great place to search for these jobs, but also companies like Humana, Aetna, and McKesson hire remote nurses.

Vickie Milazzo has a course: Can you share any reputable training or schools? That is really fascinating, You are an excessively professional blogger. Additionally, I have shared your website in my social networks. I have spent months looking for work from home opportunities. In my quest for finicial freedom I have descovered several ways to make money online. There is affiliate marketing, Freelance writing, Get apid taking Photos,Take Surveys for cash, sales and advertising, website design.

You acn make money with your own website that has advertising on it. This seems to be a great option. In affiliate marketing requires learning online marketing. If have found several free and paid services availible to marketers. Creating a Infographic that contains well written content can boost your sales and conversions. Promote your business, website, affiliate offer and blogs using a great Inforgraphic.

There are several services that offer free Infographic design applications such as Canva who offers free design instruction and services to start.

Piktochart offers a free life time account, unlimited creations and access to all icons and inmges. Download and share your creations to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Infographics, websites and blogs.

Your inforgraphic will be shared around the web sending customers back to your offer. Using Inforgraphics as part of your advertising campaign is a smart and effective way to get conversions.

Hi Barbara, Sorry to hear that. Which ones did you try? Have you tried Swagbucks or CashCrate? I did those surveys for numerous companies.

Very nice and amazing article about Work at Home Jobs. Thanks for sharing a great post. Payments are made via PayPal when the user requests a cashout. Getaround is a smartphone application that allows you to rent your car out for short periods of time. List your vehicle in their marketplace and download the app. When you're not using your vehicle, individuals can rent and unlock your car using the app.

Getaround is available for both iPhone and Android users. GigWalk is a mobile workforce of individuals using their iPhone or Andriod smartphone to connect, explore, and earn a second paycheck as they go about their day. Just register, apply for an assignment, and then complete the task usually verifying roads and street signs, geographic landmarks or transportation options.

Another one of my favorites! Ibotta is an iPhone and Android application that you can use to earn money when you go shopping. Before you head out on a shopping trip complete tasks relating to your favorite brands and companies. Next, go shopping at stores like Target and Walgreens and take photos of your receipts. Once your transaction has been verified, your account will be credited with a specified cash back amount. Refer your friends and earn even more money. Job Spotter is a smartphone app from the job site, Indeed.

To earn points using this app, all you have to do is snap pictures of Now Hiring Signs along with a photo of the store's signage. For every approved submission you'll earn a varying amount of points. You can also earn points by verifying other user's submissions.

Your points can be redeemed for an Amazon gift card. Job Spotter is available for Android and iPhone applications.

So if you have some downtime and want to be a cabbie on demand, sign up to be a driver. You must be at least 21 years of age, have a 4-door car that is from the year or newer, and a clean driving record.

Drivers get 80 percent of payment from passengers. Money is deposited into your account each week. Mobee is a secret shopper app that allows you to earn rewards for shopping at certain stores. To get started, download the app, accept a mission near you, and answer the questions once you arrive. It takes approximately 48 hours for someone to review your submission, but once it's approved, you'll earn points that can be traded in for gift cards from Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and many others.

Mobee is available for both Android and Apple smartphones. Download the app on your iPhone, create an account, and then start taking photos of the items you wish to sell.

Once the item sells, print out a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label, and send off your item. When the buyer receives the item, Poshmark will deposit 80 percent of the sale price into your account.

Payments are made either by direct deposit or check. Available for Android and iPhone systems, Receipt Hog pays you money for shopping and taking surveys. Download the app and take photos of your receipts from any grocer, supercenter, club store, dollar store, drug store, convenience mart, beauty supply, or pet supply store.

Once receipts are inputted into the system, Receipt Hog will award you with virtual coins that can be traded in for cash through PayPal or an Amazon gift card. The information that Receipt Hog collects is summarized and used in market research reports that companies will pay for. The number of coins you earn per receipt depends on how much your total bill is.

I'm totally addicted to this app! Shopkick is a really cool rewards program that is available for iPhone and Android phones.

Scan specified barcodes once you're in the store to earn more kicks. Link up your credit card, browse through lookbooks, or refer your friends for even more kicks. Kicks can be used for gift cards from Target, Old Navy, Starbucks, or on items like clothing, electronics, or even a cruise! Uber is a smartphone app that allows users to tap a button to request a ride think taxi on demand.

So if you have some downtime and want to be a driver on demand, sign up with Uber. Choose your own hours, drive your own car or rent one of theirs , and make good money on demand. Money is deposited weekly into your account. Uber Eats is an on-demand, smartphone app where you can make money by delivering packages and food via your car, bike, or scooter.

The more deliveries you make, the more you'll earn. With their Instant Pay system, you can get same day payouts up to five times a day. Do you love to watch TV or listen to music?

Then Viggle is for you. Just download the app to your Android or iPhone, check in with Viggle button and start earning points by watching TV or listening to music. You can even engage and answer questions for additional points. One last word about smartphone apps. Not all apps are legit — you need to do your due diligence and read the reviews before installing on your phone and entering your information.

I'm fairly cautious when trying out new apps. If there are zero reviews listed on iTunes or the Android app store — I won't download it. You'll also want to read reviews online and via the Better Business Bureau website. If you want to see what smartphone apps I use to earn money on a weekly basis, check out this post — these apps pay for my Starbucks addiction! Which smartphone apps are you using to make money?

Feel free to comment on your favorite money-making smartphone apps below! This page includes affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy for further information. She lives in Cape Town, but runs a blog and works with freelance clients all around the world:. I have downloaded and deleted a lot of apps.

Swagbuck bc they never had a survey available. Inboxdollars bc of the same thing. You have to lie on those things to get any kind of survey. I hate survey sites. Also i have bing. You simply choose an app from the AppCoiner app review database that you would like to test. There are hundreds of apps to choose from, with more added daily.

After you have tested the app on your smartphone or tablet, you then login to your AppCoiner members account and write your honest review of the app. The AppCoiner program monetizes all of your app reviews for you automatically, all you have to do is keep testing more new apps and writing your reviews.

The more reviews you write, the more money you will make. On any work I can do online leaving here in Ghana? Hey I think you should definitely check out quick thoughts. And they actually pay! Please research it and consider adding it to your list. Thank you a lot and I am having a look forward to contact you.

Will you please drop me a mail? U can reply via my email alternatively cphah1 mtn. Hi Zilla, By no means, are you going to get rich using smartphone apps, but they do give you some extra pocket change. So I have never used any of these but am on such a budget!!! So I just took an online marketing and sales position through a global emergency roadside company, but as a MOM we all know how expensive it can get.

Job Spotter rewards you with Amazon Gift Cards. Hello guys I am from India can anyone have any idea for me to make money from home using my Android phone. Most of these are geared towards US residents. Maybe try Googling moneymaking smartphone apps in Nigeria. Check it out at:. Actually I have never thought about using my smartphone to make money. For me, I will try using Viggle because it an entertaining way to make money.

Complete the challenge by installing apps to become eligible to earn. Unlimited chance to earn. Launched in worldwide from 20th June, These are available in Florida. There are some more options in this post: Too many points needed. You get cash back on groceries. MobiSave is a good cash back on groceries app too.

Another pointless one not to try is Inbox Dollars. Do you know if any of the others listed are like that? I love Ibotta, receipt hog, panel app, my Nielsen mobile app and a few others I have installed. I reached my threshold, after a year of reading emails and using it as a search engine.

When I cashed out everything was fine, however, the day I was supposed to receive my payout, nothing happened. I messaged them asking about this issue and they terminated my account, saying I violated their terms and conditions.

You can also try out this app if you are using android: It does not pay a lot, but it also does not take any of your time. After you install it and run, you start receiving automatic test messages for which you get paid. If you want to download an app — you can click on the links above and it will take you the correct app store.

Just wanna ask if you know online job opportunites like the ones on your list that pays thru western union? Most companies pay via check, direct deposit, or PayPal. I was wonderign if you have personally used the pact app? Because the system works partly on photos that users accept or decline, and if its not a fair community there is no point. You might excel at search engine evaluation if you're great at internet research, up on pop culture, media, current trends, and you know your way around the computer.

You do not necessarily need any past experience to do these jobs, but all of these companies will require you to complete a rather lengthy test prior to accepting you. Check out more short task sites here. You've probably noticed that most companies nowadays offer ways to for their customers to contact them instantly via live chat support.

Many of these chat support agents do work from home. Below is a list of the companies I've reviewed on this site that have occasion openings for work at home chat agents. You can find more companies occasionally hiring work at home chat agents here. As you know, many people opt to contact companies via email rather than by chat or phone. Because of this, some companies do hire for work at home email support.

These jobs are a little hard to find, I come across very few when I'm researching work at home job leads. You can read this blog post for everything I've been able to find about these jobs. Another popular mostly non-phone job is online academic tutoring. This is often done via chat over the computer rather than by phone, but different companies will handle the communication in different ways, so you may want to double-check how you're communicating with the students prior to applying.

There are more companies that hire online tutors listed here. Another flexible non-phone option in the educational field is test scoring. There are a few reputable companies that do hire home-based workers to score everything from standardized tests to essays. WriteScore on the other hand requires just a two-year college degree. There are a few more companies that hire remote test scorers here.

Go here for some more companies that hire work at home moderators, and here for an in-depth blog post about doing social media work from home. As a translator, you would be converting one language into another language via either spoken word, written word, or audio.

This is a work from home job many people are able to do from that can additionally be very, very flexible and of course non-phone. Translation work may be an option for you if you bilingual or multi-lingual with great grammar and spelling skills.

You can work from home giving your expert advice on various topics to people who need it. If you can prove your expertise in a certain field, then you may qualify to do this work, although for some it's just extra money here and there. This is often non-phone because you may be able to give your advice via email or chat.

If you don't like talking on the phone, these jobs may be for you.

“Non phone work at home jobs for those that want to work from home, but prefer not being on the phone. Big list, with many types of jobs.” Just a friendly reminder, this post may contain affiliate links. Below is a list of work at home jobs that does not require you to talk to customers over the telephone. To apply for these jobs, you will be required to have a working computer and internet that is . Believe it or not there really are a lot of options for non phone home based jobs. But the problem is that many require a special skill set or don’t need thousands of new workers.