How do you ask your boss to work from home

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I agree with what you said. You're also helping people learn English, which gives them the ability to talk to over 1. My mindset has gone through a total transformation because of Design Your Dream Life, and it's boosting my business income, relationships, and happiness overall. OP needs to figure out what the needs of the business and department are and whether working remotely more than once a week an oddity, and then taking into consideration the fact that these employees are new. Just get all your thoughts out of your head so that you can dig deep into your purpose. I am very happy now and my baby is fine.

So if you want to work from home, and you have a good reason, don’t be afraid to ask. I did—and here are the tips I learned for bettering your odds that you and your boss can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. 1. Weigh the Potential. These days, so many of us do work that can be completed from any location with an internet connection.

I don’t want my employees working from home as frequently as they currently do

This may be the most important sign that your boss does not like you. Employees need feedback and mentoring to do well at work and advance in their careers. If your boss pays more attention to everyone else, but never gives you any feedback, you are not being given tools to improve.

If your boss ignores or avoids you, he is indicating that your presence in the workplace does not matter to him. You may be not included in meetings, given feedback, or given work unless you ask for it. Of course, you can try asking for feedback and letting him know when you can take on additional work.

This may gain his trust. Consider changing your situation as soon as you reasonably can. How does your boss treat you? We want to hear from you!

Leave a comment or join the discussion on Twitter. Why does the employee have to leave; why is it acceptable for the manager to be rude? Why is that tolerated in this day and age? My supervisor was micromanaging me and criticizing me openly in front of the other team members. She was unreasonable and embarrassed me almost daily. I went to Human Resources. Of course the end result was me losing my job because HR always turns on the person that needs the assistance.

My advice would be to get out while you can. The sufferering, the abuse, the humiliation is not worth it. Thank you for sharing. Not fair but they have the power. I have only been in my job for 3 months but am already looking for a new role.

I am micromanaged despite being a mature woman with more office experience than my manager. I am excluded from meetings that need to involve me, my work has been tampered with and I was even left without a meal at a company dinner that I assisted in the planning of.

Melly, so sorry to hear that! You have only been there 3 months. Another positive and again to me reinforces that they would have let you go prior to 90 days, or at 90 days if someone did not want you there. I know what you mean. I need to get out, too. But until then, welcome to the holiday rush. If you cannot turn your negative relationship with your boss around and you decide to leave here is what to do with your remaining time at your current job: Your boss on the other hand will be waiting for your emotional cave-in, a sure sign his ploy is working.

Avoid responding to his emails that contain emotional hooks. Be slightly overly cheery. My hiring boss retired and another boss took over as his replacement. He is very unprofessional and has zero supervisory skills. He constantly talks about me behind my back to anyone that will listen. I also just recently found out that he has been keeping a documentation timeline on me basically for the entire time that I have worked for him.

Why is this not considered Bullying? That is exactly what it is, and if it is not acceptable at school, then why would it be acceptable at work? Because you Are an adult should be more reason for reprimand. I sat and weeded through all the previous comments, ignoring the one duplicate post.

I analyzed the sex of the boss the respondent was complaining about based on the gendered pronouns used hers, she vs. Six people were complaining about a male boss. Sixteen people were complaining about a female boss. One of the respondents complained about 2 more female bosses, in addition to the first one they complained about.

I went through this for close to 15 years at my former employer. Small company, 1 boss. Trying everything to be more efficient and get things done faster? I am a likeable and capable person. I happen not to have had the best luck with jobs lately.

I am not the youngest, but I am educated and have a wide level of experience. I am friendly and polite— funny and engaging. But in my most recent temp job, I was treated like a low-level, second class citizen. My supervisor liked my skills in the beginning.

But for the last four months, I was reminded each and every day that I was just a temp. Give me assignments at last minute and then reassigns them with out telling me. Overloads me with harder work than my co workers. Does not let me participate in company sanctioned activities. Does not take my suggestions seriously but if another co worker makes the same suggestion she likes it. My boss is male.

He acts as if he has no time for me but complains if I do not get things done or am missing. I work in child protection. I have done the job longer than he. I have been right about some issues called the State rep because I was told I was wrong about things. I am tired of being talked to like a kindergartner.

I just started a job and I have 2 bosses, one man and a lady. The man is soo nice he really teaches me things is calm and just really approachable. I make one little mistake that because I just started at the this job. Everyone makes mistakes when they first start job. I am a new employee given multiple jobs at once in a retail store.

There is a girl that I suppose to be helping me, instead she is permitted to do one job only while hanging out with other employees, very slow at doing it. Someone from earlier shift put tags all on floor. I missed two which was blocked by a crowd out with people the boss was with. Mary wears short short dresses and she and I are the only women working amongst 26 men. Since 4 years, Mary has been the office pet.

I do think that my boss does not justly do the criticism. She favours few ,which I could recognize and feel also. She is not transparent in regarding my colleagues and myself, and uses divide and rule policy.

With honesty comes a complete contrast to what the boss needs, someone just as crooked as him to maintain and promote his crooked policies. But I agree with the other posters that a loan from your company should be a last resort. I mean, you already put them through a pregnancy which probably means a lot of time out of office for dr. And with a down economy… I think you should consider yourself lucky that you even have the job. If they lend money to one employee, it inevitably will get out and the expectation is that they will be able to loan money to ANY employee that asks.

It could create huge problems for the company. That should always be kept separate in my opinion. One other option is taking a loan from your K if you have it. While I agree with all the postings above, it bugs me when people say it almost like a cliche — go to friends and family. A few aquintencies that I had from the survival job all nicely switched the subject and excused themselves from being involved.

Recently, another employee our accountant! This employee has been with the company for more than two years, is very reliable, and an excellent performer. A stressed employee is more likely to make mistakes and be distracted from their job. I just want to thank you for your advise. I did not ask my manager for a loan. I decided to wait for my pension fund from my ex-employer.

I paid all my debts. My situation has changed. I am very happy now and my baby is fine. Thank you to all have sent comments. However, I really don't appreciate it when the same worker asks for paycheck advances repeatedly.

Makes me distrust the worker. Just a word of warning for employers. In other states, it takes careful legal documentation in order to be safe, even requiring notarization in some cases! Its rather unfortunate i find myself in the same situation. I just changed job about two months ago and my rent is expiring in June, howver i had made arrangents with my bankers for a loan tompay the rent advance at my old job. Now that i have a new job, my bankers claim i could not access the loan because i must be confirmed by my new job before they could grant me the lon.

What do i do now as i need to payn the rent or get evicted?

Can my boss require me to work weekends?

Writing up a plan for how you can effectively work from home can help your supervisor make a case for you. In fact, you may want to put your request in writing prior to your meeting. That way, your boss isn't surprised by your request and you're prepared with a rationale as to why you don't need to spend all your working hours in the office. Selling Your Boss on Letting You Work from Home Before you approach your manager about telecommuting, you need to put yourself in his/her shoes. Even better, but yourself in his/her manger’s shoes. Dear Boss, I’d like your advice on talking points when asking my boss about the ability to work from home once a week. I work on a very small team at a very large company. There are usually just three of us from my department in the office on a given day. My boss travels frequently, and is probably in the office only 50 percent of the time.