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Will GMX remove the minerals from the water? When it arrived, I read how GMX magnets don't really alter the chemistry of water, but do affect surface tension in the water, and thus control crystallization of minerals in treated water. Before and After Photos of Water. As it is a permanent ceramic magnet, it lasts for minimum one hundred years, and comes with a ninety day, unconditional, risk free, money back guarantee and an international lifetime warranty. Beverly did not let herself fall for such a scam — make sure you don't, either. See more on this page: Barker had asked NMSR to figure out how to test Brown's claims, and we'd talked it over for a few days.

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Brown also talked for several minutes about the magnet's use in improving gas mileage and lowering emissions. The next day, Jerry Shelton retrieved the magnet from his roof, and brought it over to me. Barker had asked NMSR to figure out how to test Brown's claims, and we'd talked it over for a few days. NMSR physicist Kim Johnson suggested we build two mock swamp coolers, and run them for as long as we could.

That interval was about three weeks, because of the need to wrap the story up by the end of summer sweeps. I obtained two sets of mock cooler supplies at the local hardware store, and Kim Johnson soon had two identical mini-swamp coolers running. Each had a standard pump, a water tube, a section of cooler pad to receive the water, glass slides to form crystals as water dripped on them, fans to stimulate evaporation, and so forth.

The two mock coolers were as identical as possible, and were made entirely with pristine materials. The only difference was that one cooler had the model GMX installed right where it was supposed to be in order to "keep the mineral deposits from clogging the cooling pads. The experiment was started on July 1st, and ran until July 20th. We met Barker to review the results, and film interviews, on July 21st. First, we looked at accumulation of scale on the sections of cooler pad material.

These sections had been weighed beforehand, and were carefully weighed again. There was significant scale buildup on both pads - you could easily see colored streaks of mineral deposits.

The glass slides showed accumulation of crystals similar in volume and in microscopic appearance. We compared magnetically-treated calcite crystals to normal crystals at high magnification, because GMX said there would be a very clear difference.

There was none, however. We also carried out a suds test, which was described in the GMX literature. We put a drop of soap into test tubes containing treated and untreated water, and shook them. GMX had said "The foam on top of the untreated water disappears after an hour. The foam on top of the treated water will hardly diminish. We performed some chemical tests too, even though I had argued against them at first. I had told Larry Barker that GMX pointed out their treatment only affects crystallization properties, and would not affect the "chemistry" of the water.

Barker asked me if I agreed this was valid science, and I had to say "No. The original water used in both swamp coolers was typical high-mineral-content New Mexico well water, and its hardness measured about 8 units by our chemical test, purchased from the local Culligan's supplier. The hardness of both treated and untreated coolers was almost doubled, about 15 units for both.

That's because the evaporation of water over the three weeks increased the mineral content. Follow links from here: Home Systems or here: Pool and Spa Systems. Be sure to check your water hardness and water heater quantity before ordering. Having the correct system will ensure your satisfaction. Will GMX remove the minerals from the water?

The minerals that are in the water are good for your health. The problem is that they are bad for your plumbing and your wallet. The GMX system will keep the minerals in the solution so they do not accumulate in your plumbing or on your water heater element.

This is also why there is no need to have a separate plumbing system water softener loop outside for your lawn and indoor plants, as with salt based water softeners. How does the GMX System work and what does it do? The GMX System uses scientifically designed magnetic devices to alter the way calcium behaves when suspended in water. Lime and Calcium are normally very sticky substances that act like "Glue".

This glue lime and calcium causes the minerals in your water to stick to almost everything they come in contact with. This is particularly true when water is heated and as it evaporates. When water passes through the GMX device, the calcium and other minerals adopt a small surface charge and loose their stickiness. The minerals then pass on through your plumbing system, without attaching to anything, and go down the drain. In the process, calcium build-up is dissolved, your plumbing and sewer system is cleaned, and water flow returns to normal.

See more information here: Does GMX replace my drinking water filter or reverse osmosis system? The GMX System replaces the salt based water softener unit only. Any under sink filtration or reverse osmosis system you may have, should still be used. You will find that your filters last much longer and your system will require less maintenance. How does the GMX System compare to a salt based water softener? For a side-by-side comparison chart, click here.

What does the U. Government have to say about the Magnetic Water Softening Technology? Please review this Federal Technology Alert: There are two basic types of iron.

One we can help with more than the other. This type of iron we can help the MOST with. This iron "piggy backs" calcium and gives you the streaks in the toilet bowl. This also is the type of iron that causes orange or brown stain where the water drips in your tub, sink, etc. GMX may not totally eliminate this type of iron depends on severity , but GMX will make it easier to clean off and it won't come back as soon.

This is the type of iron that most people encounter in their homes. Worst case would be is, the iron staining would be easier to clean off and it won't come back as fast. This type of iron is a real problem. It appears clear when drawn, but when the water comes in contact with air, the iron oxidizes turns to rust and will be visible as red discolored water.

This iron then settles out as a film or small rust particles. You might also get splotches of orange on your light colored laundry -- not just yellowing all over, but vivid stains.

Often, people are willing to try our system because we have such a good guarantee that is based on your satisfaction In most cases a GMX System can improve your iron problem and eliminate the hard water problems in your home at a reasonable cost.

Also, you will save money on scale related plumbing repairs and appliance replacement. Primarily your shower heads, hot water heater and dishwasher. Why is GMX the best product on the market? Quality control and effectiveness. We use the best materials available and our research has developed the most effective product sold today. How long will it take for the GMX System to pay for itself?

For the typical homeowner, without a salt based water softener , the "Return Of Investment" is usually between 12 and 18 months due to the energy, soap, and shampoo savings. If you have a salt based water softener, it is usually under 12 months because you do not need to add salt and other chemicals, not to mention the price of service calls.

There are many companies selling all kinds of Water Softeners and Conditioners. GMX International the manufacturer of the GMX System is a 14 year old debt free company at the forefront of the residential magnetic water softening industry. The GMX System uses leading edge magnetic technology to produce the finest system on the market. We also accept Credit Cards We sell "Magnetic Water Treatment" that works.

Clamping a set of magnets over my water pipes is going to solve my hard water problems? You cannot just strap magnets around your pipes and expect them to soften your water. This is also why many of the salt based water softener companies say "Magnets Don't Work". The magnetic device MUST be properly designed. Do not provide a complete addr ess and contact information prominently on their website.

Use a third party credit card processor like Paypal because They are not a REAL business. Their units are probably made in their garage instead of being manufactured in a controlled and clean environment. They have not invested the time or money to have their own credit card merchant and bank account. They cannot be trusted to handle your credit card and personal information securely or even qualify for a merchant account at all.

The are using Paypal to insulate themselves from having to give a customer their money back. Make unreasonable demands in their money back guarantee. This is how they avoid giving you your money back when you purchase through Paypal or on eBay. Want the product returned and re-packaged exactly the way you received it and it must look unused.

This usually means they are reselling used units as new units. We encourage you to compare the details of their money back guarantee to ours. We will even refund the shipping costs both ways. What is the difference between the GMX Devices and other "so called" magnetic water softening magnets? If the magnetic water treatment device is not properly designed The GMX devices are scientifically designed to be the most effective magnetic water treatment devices on the market today.

To see more GMX design notes and product specifications, click here. Our devices are NOT made out of plastic. Our devices are built with heavy duty steel backing and support plates, which helps to focus the magnetic energy directly into the water flow. Plastic units or unprotected magnets can radiate harmful magnetic energy. You want the magnetic energy in the water flow, not the surrounding area. Each and every one of our devices are checked for the proper strength and magnetic field orientation PRIOR to coating.

Then rechecked for proper orientation and strength just before the device is packaged to insure ZERO defects in the field. Almost twice as much as our nearest competitor. We do not just wrap magnets around your pipes like other companies do. We FOCUS the magnetic field directly into the water flow by using our heavy duty support plate and the carefully designed metal plates inside our packages.

Our system has the highest "Seeding Effect" available. Spam Filter Use your email with our spam filter and receive only emails you want. Domains Get your GMX email domain for free. Webmail Webmail lets you access your email account from any computer. Email Archive Email archiving solutions to keep all your emails in one place. Attachements With GMX you can send large files. Direct Support Any issues?

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GMX mail — powerful, portable and % free. Experience GMX email today! Streamline your communications with our free email services. Free Sign up. Discover convenient email and powerful organizing tools Completely free Mail collector Spam filters Mobile app GMX. Audio Explanation on How GMX Products Work on Home Installations; Audio Explanation on How GMX Units Work on Irrigation Equipment and Agricultural Applications; Applications & Installations. Agricultural; Overview of GMX International Corporation. GMX International Corporation was founded in and is located in Chino, California, USA.