Work from home job requirements

What Equipment Do You Need to Work From Home?

This is largely dependent on the jobs you find. Thanks for sharing this with us Holly. I have an office environment that I created, designed, and nestle into. Attempting it will only make you less productive and more stressed. Consider using a magnification tool or screen reader. So, no dial-up or wireless connections.

Our Work-At-Home positions are customer service and/or tech support type positions. Example positions would be telephonic, medical case management, medical billing, Sales, CSR, Reservations. We partner with the leading, national Work-at-home companies.

Customer Service Agent

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Full directions come with all products.

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When setting up a virtual call center to work from home as a customer service rep, telemarketer or tech support agent, you will most likely need your own home office equipment to get started. Typically it is the responsibility of the employee or contractor to purchase and maintain all the equipment needed. Qualify To Work At Home. Choose from s of Jobs At Home. Many of our work-at-home positions If you qualify for the minimum work-at-home requirements start your application process now, click to apply now. Or Return to Job Listings Page. We are looking for great people who have a passion for customer service. Instead of working in a traditional call center environment, our Convergys Work At Home program hires customer service agents who work directly from home. We have three basic types of work for home positions; all are required to provide customer service support.