How can i connect to my home computer from work

How can I connect to my home computer from work?

Would there be a danger in leaving the home computer on but malfunctioning for a month? Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. If you leave your computers on all the time, the addresses won't change, and you're probably OK configuring the router with the current IP address of the computer you want to access remotely. Install Chrome Remote Desktop on the computers you would like to connect. I have the same question 1. The article is exactly what I have been searching for in recent days. Below is additional information about potential problems you may encounter when using any of the above solutions.

How to access a home computer from work or school Updated: 01/24/ by Computer Hope If you need to control a remote computer, or you'd like someone else to control your computer remotely, there are several options available.

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I use a static domain name from www. You can register a unique name and then get a small IP Udpater program on your pc that detects IP changes automatically. There are many free ones on that site. To anyone out there who can assist. I'm able to connect remotely from my office to my home using Remote Desktop on port However; if I were to change my RDP port from to any other number, it will not connect. I've also edited the registry to reflect the new port for RDP, rebooted and still no luck. Can anyone please assist me with getting this connect established.

If you change the port number to loggin remotely then you need stick the port number at the end of the ip address.. Hi, I find all coments very interested but my case is totally different. I have two routers at home. One connects to Internet with my ISP, the other connects three computers and a camera wirelessly.

Ruben Hiciano, in order for you to accuratly view your internet IP, you need to set up the IP update function on the router connected to the modem.

That is the only way you can get that IP address. It splits my internet connection for me to my computers. I can also hook up a wireless router after the broadband router and it will work. I suggest you go to http: I had to bridge across FOUR routers to get from my work to my home. It took me longer to research the solution than it did to get it working. I wrote it about it here: You can try out Logmein. You are free to add many computers and access your PC from anywhere.

Alternatively, you can try out Hamachi. I'm in the process of setting up 1 computer to use PCanywhere to access and local LAN, and a entirly different network at another office location.

Setting up the LAN was easy enough, as long as the host computers brodcasted the remote computer could access them without getting too much into IP settings. So just letting you guys know out there that PCanywhere is not any simpler then the methods described above.

I did everything in this article, specially Port Forwarding is done exactly how it explained in www. So pls if anyone can help.. Can somebody please post an example. I want to operate my friend's computer remotely using RealVNC. We have installed RealVNC on her machine. I have also added this RealVNC4. Now when I ask her IP address ipconfig over the phone, she tells me that she is only able to see the ip address of her router She has also given me the ip address which she obtained by visiting http: How do we connect?

Are we not able to get the correct IP behind the router? Remeber, Hamachi just makes the machines appear to all be on the same network, so anything you can do on the same network you can do via Hamachi, and in the same way as being on the same network. The only caveat is not so much about Hamachi as it is about the internet connection speed: Hi Leo, You information has been very helpful.

I've been trying to set up Remote Desktop, but did not know hot to connect to the remote computer which I had already setup to accept remote connections. Your information on configuring my router to forward port to the host machine was the missing link, and now I successfully made the remote connection!

Hello Leo, I am trying to connect to my home network via the remote desktop. My "main" computer only has XP home, but another one in my network has XP Pro and is connected to my network by a wireless card. Is there a way for me to connect to the machine that has XP pro on it?

I ran ipchicken and my ip addresses are the same on all of my home computers. I used to be able to connect to my corporate server from my home network via a Cisco VPN connection. Currently, I can only connect to my corporate server via the aforementioned Cisco VPN connection but by using a Sprint aircard.

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. I am working with Windows 7 Professional. I Can't connect to my home computer using the WEB. I have been followeing all the instructions, but nothing works. What am I doing wrong. Please suggest me some troubleshooting points. How can i use the broadband from work? I have totally acces to the router there. I am working in a office now i am using wireless internet with laptop on second floor one desktop computer with cable connection on third floor,so now i want to remote that computer from my laptop how can any one can teel me plz.

There is a free version without expiration. Try it at their web site www. These are obviously newbie-type questions, so I would appreciate your indulgence. I take my laptop, which is LogMeIn enabled, on vacation to Florida for a month, and initially I can successfully access my home computer from the laptop.

Everything is good and I'm happy. Must I leave my home computer running continuously for a month with no reboot? Can LogMeIn reboot my home computer remotely and re-establish its connection? Let's say my home computer suffers a glitch and hangs, or has a BSOD, or a power outage. However, if my home computer can't be rebooted and LogMeIn can't reconnect automatically, What are the options? Would there be a danger in leaving the home computer on but malfunctioning for a month?

Are my fears realistic? Am I missing something obvious? Frank D Utilities like LogMeIn require that software be running on your home computer, so if it's off or crashed, they simply cannot work. What I don't know ironically is if your machine reboots and requires that you login, will the LogMeIn software be running at that point so that you can, remotely. I would hope so, but I'm not sure. Leo's response to my question: My response to Leo: I suspected that LogMeIn wouldn't be able to handle all those "if's" I threw at it.

I appreciate your opinion. As far as I'm aware Hamachi on its own will not offer full remote control. Hamachi provides a secure, static, IP address. Hopefully, someone will put me right if I'm out of touch with reality! Remote Desktop, built into Windows Pro and better, works as well.

My rounter has a DMZ fuction that allows me to assign one ip onside the firewall of my router. My router is set to DHCP and remains on all time. I have set 3 of the 5 computers with a static IP address What I would do is connect to my routher and go the the status connection to find out what my modem comcast ipaddress is. I have 2 questtions.

Assignng on system outside the firewall.. I am assuming it is Or do I also need to include the router gateway ipaddress. I have a network which is working OK.

Then I add an old win2K3 server and after about 5 min, it crashes my internet connection. Network B can remote desktop one of our server on network-A, but this server from Network-A cannot connect or RDC to network-B, maybe the port forwarding set up but even ping is not working from the server network-A to the router of network B There's actually an easy way to get your home IP address if it is dynamic. All you need to do is create a gmail account if you don't have one already.

Log into that account from home and leave it logged in. At work, you can log into that same account and gmail will tell you all the IPs that are logged into the account. You may want to create a gmail account just for this purpose if you don't want somebody reading your email at home. For dynamic ip-addresses problem, one can use the technique mentioned in this blog. Its given for Linux but with little changes, should work for Windows too For the non-initiated, I would just add a technical instruction: I am using remote desktop from my Netbook to connect to my ThinkPad both at home.

Did this solve your problem? Sorry this didn't help. Tell us about your experience with our site. ChelseaE Created on March 13, I am a graphic designer. I need to remotely access my home computer to utilize my Adobe Master Collection at work. My work computer runs Windows XP.

My home computer is Windows Vista Home Basic. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 1. In order to access your home PC, first you must check with your employer's compliance people to make sure what you want to do is allowed by the employer.

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Sep 18,  · In my case, I can connect to my work computer from home even when my home PC is firewalled, no port forwarding, no DMZ. Just don't block outgoing traffic and you will be able to connect to a remote computer that is able to accept incoming traffic on port Aug 04,  · You must now access the Remote Desktop on your home to computer to connect to your computer at work. If your company does not grant you access, or if the network is not set up for remote access, you will not be able to access your work computer from home. Warnings%(39). From now on, you can connect to your home computer just by repeating step 4. Screen Sharing is really, really simple to set up, but it isn't without a few downsides.