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15 work from home jobs and where to find them

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Feel free to test these ideas and see how they will work for you. Blogging is by far the most effective way to make money online from home. Blogging is about writing and publishing helpful articles on the internet for other people to read. There are very many ways you can make money from blogging.

Few blog monetizing ideas include advertising , Google AdSense , sponsored post , product review , affiliate marketing and more. With just your computer, you can work from home as a freelance writer. There are many companies that hire article writers on daily basis.

Currently, Information Guide in Nigeria is hiring writers. There are many freelance writers who work from home for that website and earn big money on monthly basis. Information marketing is about selling vital and useful information to people over the internet. These information can be in the form of an eBook, videos, podcast, Apps or software. A typical example is myself. I sit at home and make money online by selling by eBooks.

On the first month of launch, I sold over 60 copies at the rate of N each. Affiliate marketing allows you to work from home. You only recommend a products or service to others and wait to receive your sales commission if they buy from your link. A typical example is this blog you are reading. I have tried few affiliate marketing in Nigeria such as Jumia affiliate, Konga affiliate and more. I also have friends who have made it big from affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

So what are you waiting for? Google AdSense is an advertising platform own by Google. It allow bloggers to work from home by placing the Google advert codes on their sites to generate income on daily basis. That amount is still small compared to what my friends are making from it. To make money from Google, you will need to have a blog to get the approval from Google AdSense team. Do you have web design skills? Do you know how to customize blogs?

If yes you can work from home with these skills you have. On daily basis, various individuals and companies hire web developers to create businiess and blogs for them. You can provide these services online and make money from home. I know many moms who work from home selling websites or blogs. All they do is to create a niche blog on an interesting topics , built a audience with it and sell them to intended buyers. The most interesting part from this business is that you can sell a blog at a very high rate.

Therefore making the profit margin to be very high. I have sold like three blogs since I started blogging businiess.

Do you have graphic design skill? If yes, you can use this knowledge to work from home in Nigeria. All you need to do is to have an online presence by creating a blog or website for your business.

Before you realize, you will start to see booking from customers who loves your work. Try it and you will like it. There are paid online survey companies that pays you when you submit your honest opinion about their products or services.

So you work from home by just filling surveys online. Online survey allows you to earn substantial income online while enjoying yourself. Do you want to start making money from home by creating your own jewelry and crafts?

Do not wait for companies to hire you to mount bracelets and earrings, do them yourself and sell them! Creating your own jewelry you can improve your income. You can sell them through Facebook, your blog, in your city markets. A typical example of this is beads production. You can work from home by producing cakes for sale. How far are you willing to go? So many questions and frankly I would want you to answer them. Are you looking to generate extra income after office hours? Anybody can work from home provided you have a brain and motivation.

There is so much I need to talk about on this page, the subject of working from home is such a long topic that it would take hours to discuss especially when you are new to the whole concept. You have to decide whether this is right for you and whether you have what it takes to start up a home based web business with just your laptop and an internet connection.

Over the months I have been able to draft a series of email that explained the concept of working from home to the average Nigerian. You will learn so much about starting up an internet business in Nigerian and then a little more. The email shows you the exact thing to do on the web while also pointing out lots of Nigerians that have been made rich while working from home. Please be sure to subscribe above before reading this part, I just want to talk a little bit about the benefits of working from home.

I can tell you authoritatively that there are so many opportunities on the web that could employ over one million Nigerians. Our major problem is ignorance and of course our inability to think outside the box. For the next few days you will learn so much about me and how I got into web business, I work approximately two hours in a day after office hours and the result has been impressive. You will learn about everything I am doing on the web and how you too can replicate my success.

Do you want to work from home?

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Onorame O. Ikuwan works at home in Ekpan, Nigeria GDI Affiliate since 08/06/ GDI is by far the easiest way for anyone to get rich if they are determined to work hard. Urgent Need for Language Interpreters. Great Reasons to Join Us: Work from Home; Flexible Hours; Competitive Pay; Assisting the Limited English Speaking Population . Deals are sealed via teleconferences, employers recruit via social media and there’s an increasing demand for convenience at work. Countries like Nigeria have embraced this concept and implemented it to be part of their organizations’ culture. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 work from home online jobs in Nigeria.