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How to Work From Home as a Transcriptionist

We are looking for native UK English speaking individuals to do transcription work To come up with a well-typed script, it is necessary to Google for some words such as new words, names of towns, people, and things that may not be clear in the audio. In this type of transcription, no specific knowledge on the subjects is required. The Internet will help you in sending and receiving of audio files without any problems. Thanks for letting me know! Payments are made twice a month. I worked as a medical transcriptionist for several years and I am very interested to work as a home based transcriptionist.

Work from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want and how much you want. Transcribe short minutes clips (not long interviews) and when complete, our system sends another micro-task to transcribe – there is .

Start Making Money Typing from Home

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Why transcribe for Allegis?

As a Transcription Editor you'll review transcribed documents for grammar and accuracy. Are you a transcription specialist with advanced skills and experience? You may qualify for a position as a Transcription Editor. Provider of captioning, transcription and translation services hires transcribers, real-time captioners, editors and translators to work at home and in its office in Orange County, CA. Transcription jobs pay $1-$ per audio minutes; real-time captioning $75/hour. In the simplest form, transcription is the process by which live or recorded audio is converted into an electronic document. Better put, it is writing down speech. The audio can be a lecturer speaking, an interview between two people, a sermon, podcast, webinar, or just any form of speech.