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I'm a career advisor and the Director of Online Content at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting, flexible schedule, and freelance job listings. Working from home, I have found myself even more sedentary than I was in an office, so getting to the gym is an important part of staying healthy and sane. Now trending on TOH. Be sure to use the correct blade for your project. In addition, there will be times when you're on the road and need to pay travel costs. Whether you're a newbie DIYer or building cabinets from scratch, using the right woodshop tools makes all the difference. Feel-Good Home Stressed Out?

The 20 Tools You Need for Remodeling Remodeling is more than carpentry. It often involves demolition, carpentry, plaster and drywall work, electrical, plumbing, tile, concrete, and roofing.

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Investing in an inexpensive wireless keyboard and mouse will make your work days much more comfortable, and keep you focused on work rather than your poor posture. Even if you have the most reliable Internet service imaginable and if you do, please let us all know so we can get it too! One of the few things you might miss about working in the office is the ability to show someone your computer screen.

With screen-sharing software like Join. Me, which has a free level, you can quickly share your screen with coworkers. If you want to keep your home office paperless and clutter free, invest in an inexpensive, infinitely-helpful handheld digital scanner.

Scan papers large and small, from lunch receipts to handbooks, and store them digitally for easy access. To prepare for the disastrous day when your laptop says sayonara, invest in an online file backup service like Carbonite. Your future self will thank you when the inevitable happens and your laptop kicks the bucket.

That application is Skype, which offers free calls to other Skype users and low or no-cost international calls. Find a quiet space in your house to dedicate as your home office. It can be as simple as the corner of a guest room. Telecommuting sure makes people better at sharing!

To make it easier to share large files and collaborate with coworkers, opt for cloud-based file sharing services like DropBox and Google Drive. DropBox can help you send large files back and forth, whereas Google Drive will help you create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

Telecommuting is a great way to work, but only if you equip yourself with the necessary tools. These 9 ideas will make you more productive and more comfortable when you work from home. Want to learn more about how you can work better at home?

Here are more ideas on how to work productively at home! Dont forget, if you're using the same laptop you use in the office, to bring the power cord home too! These 14 common shop tools are the big guns. Safety gear is required, as is an understanding of how the tools work and their potential dangers.

The nickname for this is a "chop saw" — it chops your lumber across the grain. Used for an infinite number of projects, it can tackle things like baseboards, crown molding and trim, and handles a 2x4 easily. It's used to make accurately measured cross cuts, angle cuts and bevel cuts. You can frame a house with this tool! A powerful cordless drill comes in handy when moving around the job site.

While drilling holes drains the battery quickly, the drill can handle many screws with a single charge such as when installing drywall. Some models have a clutch and will stop automatically before you strip the screw head, unlike a power screwdriver with a cord. To keep your work flowing, keep one battery charging while you're using the other.

More often called a Skilsaw, this workhorse is portable and has endless uses. It cuts softwood, hardwood, concrete, stucco, wood, glass, ceramic tiles, brick and metals. Cut your wall openings, holes for skylights, wood beams, plywood and tops of fence posts with this tool. Be sure to use the correct blade for your project. Blade types are steel, high-speed steel HSS , diamond, carbide-tipped and abrasive, and each has its own ability.

Shop power tools on Houzz. Whereas a chop saw "chops" small pieces of wood across the grain, a table saw "rips" lumber lengthwise along the grain — and can make some chop cuts and angle cuts as well. Set the depth and angle of your blade, and push the wood through, using an adjustable guide to help you feed it straight. While you shouldn't attempt sheets of plywood on this, it is portable and can be used on the ground, a workbench, or even a set of sawhorses. It requires some strength to manage this beast, but it's great for quick-and-dirty cuts for wood, metal and drywall removal.

Like the name says, it saws all, even through nails. When that wall has to come down, this tool can help. But remove the electrical first! One of many in a family of sanders — including random-orbital and belt sanders — the palm sander is infinitely faster and more even than digging in with a block and sandpaper.

It has a bag to catch the sawdust but still puts out a lot of dust — everywhere. But sawdust is your new friend, right? A planer shaves thin slices of wood off to make surfaces thinner, flatter or smoother. Houses shift with age and temperature. If you have doors that don't fit or windows that won't close, this tool is much faster than trying to sand it down by hand and more gradual than cutting with a saw.

It also cuts corners off wood, scribes, and can remove thick paint or varnishes when you don't want your sandpaper gummed up. Powerful bursts of compressed air supply energy for many tools and applications. Even a small one like this model can pump up bike tires, manage delicate paint airbrushing, blow sawdust from tight spaces, and manage strong pneumatic tools such as finish nail guns, staple guns, wrenches and sanders. A pneumatic nail gun sets tiny finish nails instantly without awkward hammering or dents on the surface of your project.

Cutting curves on thick wood is the strength of the band saw, one of the safer power tools to master. Wood is pushed across the blade on an adjustable table. Straight and bevel cuts are also possible. Wood can be stacked to cut several pieces at a time in the same shape, and pieces can be recut thinner and thinner with ease. The extremely versatile router has a spinning bit that works as a blade for finishing edges, shaping, cutting holes, and making contours and grooves.

Details like a raised panel or dovetails on cabinets are possible with a router. The wide variety of bits can create almost any kind of precise finished edge for molding trim, as well as cut circles and make mortise holes, dados, rabbets, bevels and rounded edges.

Used for sanding, scraping, cutting, sawing and polishing with a high degree of control, this hand tool won't tear your arm off. It hasn't been around for ages like the other big guns listed here. Your father or grandpa never had one of these. It might be a good gift for him! Used by professionals or hobbyists, it's versatile and manageable, though the blades can get expensive.

Although it isn't really a power tool, a high-intensity work light is helpful at night or in low-light situations. Good lighting makes for more accurate work, but beware: One of the hazards of working at night is tripping over the darn thing. Supply music to your project site with a cordless radio that uses the same battery pack as your drill.

Music makes your long projects hum along and sets an upbeat tone to your work environment. What tools do you dream of?

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Brie Weiler Reynolds has been working from home for four years and she’s the Director of Online Content at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible job amoxicillinbuy.gabs lists thousands of pre-screened, legitimate, and professional-level work-from-home jobs and other types of flexibility like part-time positions, freelancing, and flexible schedules. 8 must-have tools if you work from home Working from home isn’t for everyone, and there are many factors to consider before you decide if it’s right thing for you. The 50 Tools Everyone Should Own. We need tools to build, repair, and maintain the mechanical world in which we live. With these 50 tools, you'll be ready for just about any project.