Personality to work from home

6 Job Personality and Work Environment Types

This will usually be obvious from both their marketing material and their reputation. I love these personality type articles. Harder to show, but many times more crucial for actually landing the job, are the personality traits that make you the right fit for the company. Jun 8, '13 by SwansonRN Occupation: Alik It makes sense. Nadia I think you really highlight a great point. Conscientious people are driven to complete the tasks they start and to follow rules.

My personality like so many others is split between home and work. Work Donna and Home Donna are complete opposites as my spouse often reminds me. Work Donna is decisive, outgoing, a multitasker, budget conscious, a tireless go-getter and extremely private.

6 Job Personality and Work Environment Types

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2. A strategist

Your ability to earn a living while working from home has a lot to do with your personality moms who choose this way of life don't look back to the days of working at an outside job. Working from home is an increasingly popular employee perk, but not everyone finds it easy. Here's how your personality may be affecting your ability to work remotely. 7 Traits You Need If You Want to Work From Home. But seriously, we know that certain personality types do better when given the structure of an on-site 9 to 5 job, whereas others thrive in a.