How to get a business license to work from home

How to Obtain a Business License

You may need to pick up your license in person and provide identification to prove you are the business owner. Their page on permits offers information where to get licensed, with details specific to your locale and your industry. Not yet registered as a business in New Jersey? For example, if you opened a restaurant, be sure to get the required permits, liquor license and health inspections. Not Helpful 14 Helpful

The problem with starting a business without a license is that if you get caught, there might be penalties and/or legal hassles. Because of the potential risk, it's worth it in the beginning to find out what's needed.

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While most treat home businesses the same as any other business in their jurisdictions, a few, such as Bellevue, Washington, have special permits for homes. Choose a business name if you haven't already done so. Your city or county will require your to show a legal name to issue you a business license. Form your business with your state if you are creating a corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership. If you are choosing to be a proprietorship or partnership, you will need to obtain a fictitious business name from your county unless your business name incorporates your own name ,such as Johnson Cleaners or Jan's Cafe.

See your state's secretary of state website for state business formation, and county clerk, recorder or registrar for fictitious business names.

Download or retrieve an application for a business license from your city or county. Most municipalities make their applications available online, but if not, you will need to contact your city hall or country administration. Complete the business license application. For jurisdictions requiring a home business license application, you are likely to find questions about the nature of your business and how your business may affect the appearance of your home, traffic flow into your neighborhood, inconveniences for your neighbors and safety of your neighborhood.

Address these concerns as you respond to the questions. Return the application to your city or county with the appropriate fee. You will usually have a wait time of several days to a few weeks before your receive your business license. In some cases if your municipality has concerns, you may be asked to appear before an official or your city council to answer further questions about your business.

Submitting a business license application is fairly quick and painless. Forms are usually just a few pages and sometimes only a single page.

Basic information is needed, such as company name, contact details and location, individuals affiliated with the company and type of establishment.

Keep in mind that each city, county and state will have its own licensing requirements. Some of the items listed may not always be required, while some places may require additional information. Once an application is approved, the business license is generally mailed to the business owner within a few weeks. A temporary certificate is issued in the meantime.

Licenses typically need to be renewed annually, along with a renewal fee. You will need to register your business name, often called a fictitious business name or DBA if you are not using your personal name for your business name. You register your business name at the county clerks office, and actually you will need to do this before you apply for your business license.

Again, this depends on what your particular city or county requires. However, most home based businesses are not excluded from having a license. Just because a company operates out of a home rather than a commercial space does not mean that a license is not required. Contact your local office: You can also find out which licenses and permits you need at the Small Business Administration website. You can also get help from BizFilings and apply online.

They can research which licenses you need and send you all applicable license, permit and tax registration applications. You also get complete filing instructions.

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The jurisdiction where your home is located is likely to require a general business license. This license serves a two-fold purpose. First, licensing protects the residents of the city or county by identifying businesses operating in its jurisdiction. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Jun 24,  · Determine where to get your business license. You'll need to get a license from the city in which you're planning to operate your business. Whether you'll be renting office space or operating your business from your home, you'll need to get a license in the place where your business address is 89%(K).