Got sent home from work today

got sent home early today from work

Video Loading Video Unavailable. Search Media New Media. Your voice is missing! So when I clocked in at work, we stayed for about one hour and then were sent home and told to come back at 5 pm. Have a workplace dilemma? Jun 21, 6. Subscribe to our Daily news newsletter Enter email Subscribe.

Yup. Mondays are full on. Normally I’m a pretty peppy and positive person, and while I don’t believe anyone would say I’m on the same .

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Jun 21, 7. Jun 21, 8. Jun 21, 9. Jun 21, Jun 22, Hopefully things are getting better for ya. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. He decided to raid her wardrobe after his smart shorts weren't deemed appropriate - but female colleagues were in vest tops and dresses.

While the heatwave is lovely if you're out in the park or at the seaside with a drink in your hand, it's not so nice in the office, as year-old Joey Barge from Aylesbury found out. The call centre worker had enough of wearing suits in his hot workplace, so he opted for a lovely pair of smart shorts instead. Knowing what office dress codes are like, Joey was even questioning if he would be allowed to wear them before he got to work on Monday.

Rather than changing in to a full-on suit which would leave him sweltering in the hot sun, Joey decided to take a rather different approach. Using the logic that women in the office were allowed to wear dresses, he decided to go for one of those instead - and raided his mum's wardrobe. He predicted he would be home again soon, but his tactic appears to have worked - at least partially.

Joey later tweeted a photograph of an email he had received, which read: By Nicola Oakley Head of Audience. Not what you want during a heatwave Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. She probably needed to verify with IT how things were going, and presumably you aren't the only employee. Computers, while fabulous, sometimes do not work. And IT people can't necessarily hit the ctrl-alt-del keys and instantly fix servers or, heck, maybe they do, but they just take five or six hours to get around to it.

What do I know? Can the boss force you to home if you're sick? Zero tolerance for tardiness in the workplace How to switch from hourly to salaried. Now, let's talk about whether any of this is legal? Why wouldn't it be? If you're an hourly employee, you're paid for the time you're actually working. If you're exempt, they cannot dock your pay if you're ready and willing to work. There may be some argument that they wouldn't have to pay you for the day that you didn't actually show up, as employers can deduct pay for whole days.

However, I think that would be legally risky for your employer, since you were clearly ready, willing and able to work. However, as you are a non-exempt employee, not working means not getting paid. Many jobs have rather unpredictable end times. For instance, in retail or a restaurant it's not uncommon for employees to be sent home early if it's slow. Managers compulsively check to make sure their payroll is at a certain percentage of the store's revenue.

If it goes above that percentage, someone is going home early. In your case, there simply was no work to be done. Is this "fair" to you? We work because we need money. We need money because we like to live in places with roofs and plumbing, and we also like to eat and wear clothes.

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Mar 03,  · so i live in california and work at banana republic and i was scheduled to work from and i got to work and clocked in and went to check in with the manager and i was 7 minutes late because their was traffic outside the mall and i explained to her that and she was mad about it but got over it so she explained to me my duty and as i was Status: Resolved. Aug 01,  · I work as a hostess at a casual bar/dining place. No stand or fancy computer. Just me standing outside, opening doors for people and asking if they need to be seated. A couple people stand outside and talk to me, and every time I've needed to seat someone, I've left the conversation and did my job. Today, however, there was a Status: Resolved. Jun 22,  · alot of stuff went down today i know some of you may all know what i been going threw latly. anyways today i got sent home early cause me and a.