Cant get motivated to work from home

7 Proven Ways To Stay Motivated When Working From Home As A Marketer (Or Anything Else!)

I clean for 3 minutes. So, running at a slower pace isn't always a bad thing as it can provide perspective. Just so you know, even your messes look clean. Otherwise, I could really care less about cleaning, although I do like my home clean! This is an easy motivation, but I have to be careful. I now have a new saying:

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1. Network

Does that make any sense??? My kitchen is the hot spot for needing the most attention. Or is my bedroom more? I put IT off until very last, and it is always pretty bad. My dogs and cats and I are the only ones who live in there, and they like it. I also love seeing the lines in the carpet after vacuuming! That is, when I actually get motivated to vacuum, boo.

I do most of the things you do, but one thing I do is have a friend over every Friday. Yes I love seeing the lines in the carpet too! Then I stick them in whatever room needs cleaning the most. There is something about seeing beautiful flowers against a cluttered background that makes me want to clean. My next go to is to splurge on a nice or new cleaning product. My addiction to buying and trying new things lights a cleaning fire under my bum.

If all else fails, I invite guests over or plan a party. And of course, I totally dance like a fool to my favorite songs the whole time. I just stumbled upon this site but I love your honesty. The biggest problem I have is that none of the other 4 members of my family are on board and I have let that stand in my way of cleaning up. I struggle with depression and get overwhelmed easily but I also find frustrating that they can walk over and on top of their messes while I work full time, go to school and take care of an ailing mother.

Anyone else out there? Trying to keep a cleaning schedule is likely to have more work piled upon me in one day than I had planned for the week to make it less overwhelming. I feel the same way. I get overwhelmed then I just sit there and do nothing. I used to be more energetic and have a boost of energy, but I feel tired all the time and just want to lay down and relax.

I hear you on this! I am a shadow of my former self. Used to be I saw something I needed to do and I just got up and did it…. What I do get done is soon undone with no regard to helping keep things straightened out. No respect for our home. And just assuming mom will have to clean it anyway. Keep telling myself im NOT a hoarder and have stopped buying things i dont need but just cant tackle the mess…..

Barb, I feel your frustrations! I suffer from depression and work full-time also. But uou go to school too. All I ask is that they pick up after themselves.

If the dish is dirty put it in dishwasher dont just leave it in the sink or on table. If you spill on the counter or floor wipe it up. They think I am over doing it on cleaning, well if I could stay home then I could and would be happy to maintain the home. But NO, I am cleaning and washing clothes on weekends while they have fun going places or doing hobbies! I am exhausted fighting the battle. I feel I get up in the morning only to see the mess they have left me to clean before going to work and when I get home I am cleaning too, while they watch TV.

Which I may be alittle, but I try to compromise! I just like things neat and organized. With my depression, it makes me feel better! We are family and we should help each other out even if its not that important to you! I dont know what to do….. I have hired a cleaning person once in awhile. My husband doesnt like it but I tell him then start helping out!

They must like me crabby! So I will pray for you and all women and men whose families refuse to help clean!! This may seem a bit mean but this is how I get my messy members to clean up. I get up early for work, much earlier than they want to get up. If I wake to stuff laying around I make them get up early and put it away.

They are doing a much better job of picking up before bed now. I am so glad you talked about your depression and how a dirty or cluttered home is so harmful for depression. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately you will have to make them do it if they are ever going to do it. How old is your son? You could make him either spend 15 minutes a day helping you tidy up, or pay for a housekeeper out of his money.

Hiya I am right with you on not coping with a mess but I have to ask for help yes I have resorted to waking my children up at 6am to help me clean their mess. And camping out in my clean room and leaving my family members to cook, wash dishes so they have dishes to eat off.

I would love to be able to afford disposable dishes so I didnt have to wash so I just ask my family for help. I am proud of you for hiring a housekeeper, you absolutely deserve this for yourself. Be good to yourself, your good to others! But no luck so back to me trying to get my cleaning on. This site is a great read for me! Thanks for pictures even though my house is worst lol toys and clothes every where. I responded earlier too. I get this all the time. Here is what I learned after being in the same situation as a young mother of 6.

I set up my desk, put a small tv and radio in there and kept it that way. It took a few weeks, but I started noticing that dishes were being done so they had dishes to eat on. Laundry was getting done,so they had clean clothes, and the biggest surprise was when I came home and the house was clean, I mean really clean because they wanted their friends to come over. Then I saw that they started maintaining it.

I had sanctuary after work and school, and a Clean wonderful place to study, and my kids learned to clean, cook,do laundry and to me the most important, the appreciation for what I was doing.

Love your way of thinking, not looking for an excuse out, but would this work with a 1, 2, 3, 7 and a 10 year old in the one small 3bed bungalow house, and my dear man works On a 24 h call out service, which is most of the time in and out for tea break,.

I put on music on good days. I swear why did I get a pet? My husband cooks elaborate meals. They are never done till very late in the evening. He also makes elaborate messes. I get so overwhelmed that I sometimes leave it till morning. So, I start cleaning the rest of my house. Everytime I have to go into my kitchen to put away dishes or get a towel…. I clean for 3 minutes.

I get as much done as possible in 3 min and then I leave it. This is exactly what I needed. Its so distressing to have a mess in my previously clean and organized home. I joined my gym yoga class to try and meet people and find modivation through social stimulation, but the class is only once a week, so I needed an extra motivator.

This list is so helpful. Thank you for commenting Rylee! Great job helping your family with chores. I am definately following your blog…. I own a cleaning business and clean about 6 accounts a week.

When I get home, I resent cleaning my own space! I enjoyed the tips you gave.. And i am getting so far behind on laundry and housework. And idk how ill ever catch up if i dont take a few days off work. I used to unload reload dishwasher n stuff on my lunch just to keep that up but i just cant deal anymore!

My feet ache i feel like im abt to fall asleep as i type. I just adore this article and its author! Yes, I too love the fresh vacuum lines in the floor and would go back over the carpet to make sure all lines are perpendicular and even to each other. One hotspot in my house that causes the house to deteriorate if I leave it a mess is the kitchen. I hate it so badly. It demotivates me every single time. Sometimes choose a Disney character and clean up like they would Cinderella, before a reward; Lightning McQueen, super fast….

Sometimes I turn on all the lights and can only turn them off when that room is clean. Thank you for posting such honesty! Envision how you'll feel after the task. Make the goal to do it, not to enjoy it.

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It's hard to think yourself into getting motivated. You're not moving very much. Maybe you're slumped over like a blob, slowly melting into the couch.

This lack of physical movement is directly linked to a lack of mental energy. The opposite is also true. If you're physically moving and engaged, then it's far more likely that you'll feel mentally engaged and energized.

For example, it's almost impossible to not feel vibrant, awake, and energized when you're dancing. While your routine should be as easy as possible to start, it should gradually transition into more and more physical movement.

Your mind and your motivation will follow your physical movement. For example, if your goal is to write, then your routine should bring you closer to the physical act of writing. The primary purpose of your pre-game routine is to create a series of events that you always perform before doing a specific task.

Eventually, this routine becomes so tied to your performance that by simply doing the routine, you are pulled into a mental state that is primed to perform. You don't need motivation, you just need to start your routine. This is important because when you don't feel motivated, it's often too much work to figure out what you should do next.

When faced with another decision, you will often decide to just quit. However, the pre-game routine solves that problem because you know exactly what to do next. There's no debating or decision making. You just follow the pattern. The patterns that you repeat on a daily basis will eventually form the identity that you believe in and the actions that you take.

These small behaviors reinforce your good habits and the feelings that come with them. This is the difference between approaching life as a professional or an amateur. There are dozens of reasons for my transformation from high school through college great teammates, coaching, work ethic, and so on , but there is one thing that I learned to do in college that I wish I had learned much earlier… I developed a pre—game routine that allowed me to perform well, regardless of whether I was motivated or not.

That whole sequence usually took 20 to 25 minutes and I did it the same way every single time. For example… My writing routine starts by getting a glass of water. My weightlifting routine starts by putting on my lifting shoes.

1. You’re Caught in the “Busy Trap”

7 Proven Ways To Stay Motivated When Working From Home As A Marketer (Or Anything Else!) Digital marketing lends itself well to telecommuting, but not everyone finds it easy to work from home. Sure, part of the beauty of working from home is that you can drag yourself from your bed to your keyboard and get to work, but there's a lot to be said for getting yourself in the right frame of. I work evenings and so I’m home all day until about 4 then work till 11 pm – I find it SOOOOO hard to get motivated to clean and tidy the house. It sounds so lazy but I keep thinking I don’t want to get tired cleaning the house because I have to be on the ball in the evenings for work.