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How to View Your Work Mailbox Using Outlook Web Access

The only post-deployment task you must perform to successfully use Outlook Anywhere is to install a valid SSL certificate on your Client Access server. Did this article help you? Enter your username and password in the designated fields. Thanks for letting us know. We do have a web access page Determine the version of Microsoft Exchange Server my account connects to. Most of the standard features available on Outlook are not available, including spell check, addressing auto-resolve, calendar and folders.

Accessing your work email from home helps you stay on top of important communications. Outlook Web App -- formerly called Outlook Web Access -- enables you to access your company email account when you are unable to use the Microsoft Outlook desktop email client. How to Access Outlook Web Access Work Email From Home by Chad Davis.

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You may be able to receive your personal e-mail on your smartphone device. Check with your e-mail provider to determine if this option is available for your e-mail account and for instructions on how to configure your smartphone.

Before trying any of the below suggestions, keep in mind that some companies prohibit any access to e-mail or other company confidential information from outside your office. Ask your employer first; and while asking, see if they have any solutions already setup that allow you to access mail while not at work. Many businesses have web mail solutions that allow users inside the corporate intranet or on the outside Internet to access their e-mail from anywhere with Internet access.

If your employer offers this solution, logging into your company's web mail site should provide you access to your e-mail. Again, you need to check with your employer to see if this option is available and, if available, the steps required to get access to it.

If available at your work, connecting to your work through a VPN or virtual office can allow you to gain access to read and send mail from your work computer. Corporate networks with e-mail servers can setup e-mails to be forwarded to alternative accounts if needed.

Contact your network administrator or e-mail administrator to see if this is possible. Alternatively, your work computer could also be setup to forward e-mails to an alternative e-mail address using that explained in the above home instructions. Many companies are now allowing e-mail to be retrieved, viewed, and sent from a smartphone device.

Android and Apple iPhones are capable of receiving and sending e-mail and, if your company offers this, you may be able to have your smartphone configured to receive your work e-mail. Check with your company's IT department to see if this option is available and for help with configuring your phone. How to retrieve e-mail when away from home or work Updated: Retrieving e-mail when away from home. Retrieving e-mail when away from work or school.

Additional information See the e-mail definition for further information and related links. E-mail help and support.

Enter the email address for the account you wish to access into field below Microsoft Account. If you use an alias with your account, you can enter that alias into the "Microsoft Account" field instead.

For example, "yourusername yourorganization. Enter your password into the "Password" field and then click "Sign In. Open Outlook and select your inbox.

You can use this URL to access your email on the Web.. Open your Outlook Web App website in a Web browser. You can access your email from any Web browser, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and mobile browsers. Sign in to the Outlook Web App. Type your username into the "User Name" field. For example, enter the first part of your email address before the " yourorganization. Open the Mail dialog. Press the "Windows" key to open the Windows Start Screen. The Mail dialog helps you create and manage your Outlook Profiles.

Configure your email profile. If you haven't used Outlook on this PC before, you must first click "Add," and then enter a profile name. For example, type "Home.

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However, access to Exchange when you are outside of your organization's firewall, such as when you are at home or traveling, usually requires a virtual private network (VPN) connection to . Jul 09,  · Can I open outlook from my work while at home? I was commenting on general DIY solutions that people come up with that provide insecure connections to a corporate exchange server. You're using the Outlook email PROGRAM on your computer as an alternative means to access your (whatever) email ACCOUNT from the website. At home. How Do I Check Outlook Email at Home? How Do I Check Outlook Email at Home? March 31, By: Chad If your email account is part of your organization's Exchange server, then you may access your email using the Outlook Web App or by configuring Outlook on another PC with Outlook Anywhere. Your email account is now configured to work in.