Work from home jobs using your cell phone

Work at Home Phone Jobs Not Requiring a Land Line

Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. Many of these readers have asked me to come up with a list of work at home jobs for smartphone users where a computer is not required to do the work. You must be at least 21 years of age, have a 4-door car that is from the year or newer, and a clean driving record. Am I doing something wrong? When the buyer receives the item, Poshmark will deposit 80 percent of the sale price into your account. In order to have consistent work, you will need both a computer and a smart phone. I guess it would be good for a consultant or coach.

You can make money using your cell phone phone by simply completing tasks and jobs on some websites. They don’t pay enough to replace your regular job, but they can definitely provide additional income and will be worth your while.

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NextWave Advocacy NextWave hires work from home telephone outreach agents to educate the American public about various issues. As with OnPoint Advocacy you must be interested in the news and current events. This is project-based work with projects of weeks. Also hires home-based writers with no experience required. PharmMD Clinical analytics and medication management services.

InteliChek is a market research company whose mystery shoppers gather information over the telephone on behalf of clients. Not only are there. You do not need to be an experienced travel agent for this position.

I applied and received the following message: However the link does not work, do you have a phone number or address that I may contact to access the Career Portal? Thank you for your interest in creating your candidate profile! You can update your profile and check out job openings at Sitel anytime.

Just login to the Career Portal using the link below: Try copying the link and pasting directly into your browser.

Transcom link is not working and the Apple site takes me in circles- there are no positions open for adviser they are all requiring college student enrollment. The Transcom link is updated; thanks for letting me know. Sitel does NOT require a landline phone. The send you all the equipment you need except a monitor. All you need is cable Internet. I know because I work for them.

Thank you for commenting! Hello, fellow job seekers! My name is Rayvan. I am a 23 year old single mother of 3 who recently has ti move back home to mom!! Needless to say that is very unfortunate for me, but to add onto that, we di not have any type of pc or laptop!! All i have is my cell phone!

I am in desperate need of a job so i can get back on my feet!! Landlines are not a possibility anymore in some areas. The phone service is completely digital. So thanks for this post. I can give an update on Parameds. I worked there from November to July I only know of a few people who still have their WAH position and they have been there for awhile.

Probably most of them will require a desktop. The ones that are not phone support like Pierce Eislen and Onpoint, Nextwave, etc. Does anyone know of any WAH positions available to Californians? I was going through your list and Convergys does in fact require a land line and if you are working for certain clients, you will need to have the clients service.

Currently, Sitel does not require phone line and will provide the phone and other equipment once hired and onboarding is completed. I have had multiple people tell me that Convergys does not require a land line. Maybe it depends on the client? You may want to add Sitel to this list. I was just hired today and she told me that none of their projects require a landline now.

I wish Pleio would allow me to apply, but I only have a cell phone and Wifi. Hopefully, another company with a focused program will have work available soon. Does anyone know a good home company that allows satellite Internet wild Blue and pref Mac. I work for Convergys and you do need to have a phone to log in the the Convergys desktop everyday. It can be a cell phone, but it has to be a separate phone outside of your computer. I actually use Skype right now to make phone calls for business and stuff.

My kids keep getting a hold of it and loosing it. When I worked for OnPoint their system was really easy! When I first started working at home 5 years ago , services like Skype were still so unpredictable no one would allow them.

Today, you may never notice the difference in service between voip and a land line. Another perk to not needing a landline phone is that you do not have to spend a lot of money finding a wired telephone that accepts your headset. I thought that part would be easy and cheap but I was wrong! Most landline wired phones do not accept headsets….

Yes times have changed because I love my Obitalk device. You cant tell if own landland or voip…Its wonderful and no phone bills, cant get any better than that……. This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust. Share Tweet Pin 98 shares.

What do experienced WAH call center workers recommend? Do any of these positions work on a brand new laptop? S to Work for these companies? Does anyone know how to get the attention of Vocalabs? I have applied twice and have not heard back. I have over 25 years of experience working for companies that need to contact people by phone. Am I doing something wrong?

There is nothing in English! Because they seem to have made a sign up page in English http: Thanks for putting this list together and sharing it with us. Thanks for the awesome list, Anna! It continues to blow my mind that we can make money from so many different mediums — especially our smart phones!

Are there any companies that are legitimate and hire for data entry? Any help would be appreciated: They are completely legit, have been around and paying workers for at least a year now, probably a bit longer. The link works fine for me. At Leapforce, mobile-only tasks are only occasionally available. In order to have consistent work, you will need both a computer and a smart phone.

Hope this is helpful. This should be it — http: Hi Susan, NiceTalk is still in the approval process for the iTunes store. It can be quite confusing for iOS users to get started. This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust. Share Tweet Pin shares. Comments Is this like a cash paying job or do you have to file a at the end of the year for taxes on these jobs that pay via paypal?

What we have to do from smartphones, what is the type of work.

Phone Jobs With No Landline Needed!

Home; Newest Jobs; Non-Phone Jobs Leads In Your Inbox! This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust. Work at Home Phone Jobs Not Requiring a Land Line. By Anna T If anyone knows of any online jobs that will allow me to work from my cell, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY!! maggie says. Check out These 6 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Cellphone. Search. Search the site GO. Web & Search. Best of the Web Search Engines Gigwalk describes itself as a "mobile work marketplace." The Best Tips for Saving Money on Your Cell Phone Plan. . Work at home Jobs you Can do with your Smartphone. By aw; Nov; get paid on your smartphone, make money on your smartphone, Cell phone allowed – Some work at home positions allow you to use your cell phone where you will receive text messages on your phone. (Find out some other work at home jobs that will allow you to use your.