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From soft skills to best practices and specialized degrees, our educational platform delivers results. We look forward to speaking with you! I have been working three weeks and have never worked 20 hours per week yet. As long as you put in this much time per week, you can work at any time during the day although I'm assuming not in the middle of the night or anything because you don't want to be calling people, waking them up. I'm waiting, hoping to hear something too. Why is she not calling me back? I just started, but they never mentioned hours being gone quickly in training or the interview.

NextWave works solely with independent contractors. Gain freedom, flexibility, and the chance to run your own business. Connect from a home office you establish.

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Sorry I forgot to tell you. What I do know about the writers is once I speak with a constituent the call is recorded. The writer listens to the call when it is finished, if the constituent agrees to participate and writes the letter based on the responses given. That is what I know about the position. If you have any other questions, just let me know.

How do you fill out a writing application with them? The website seems to return to a "grassroots position" which seems to have nothing to do with writing. I don't see an email address either I applied a few months ago and never heard back. Here is the link: I just wanted to update: I got a call back today, but the lady left a message. I'm going to call tomorrow to get the details of the work. I applied in December and just got a call back, so I'm curious if anyone is now working for this company?

They're supposed to send me some tests to complete pretty soon, and if I pass those I think I'll be able to start training. I have applied several times, but they've always rejected my application saying that I don't meet their requirements. You probably have to be a US resident, since their work involves writing to US political lobbies.

Probably, but they haven't said anything about it. At least they could be more specific about their requirements I also just got a call today. I was only able to leave a voice mail when I called back, so I will have to try tomorrow. The works sounds a little different, so I am interested. Does anyone know what the testing process if like? I didn't get selected, probably because of my lousy phone interview skills.

Good luck to everyone who applies. I've taken 2 tests-one on grammar and a typing assessment that I was told isn't graded which is good because my typing sucks. Their tests are timed and I get kind of flustered sometimes during timed tests. I have one more test to take, and I'm trying to get up the nerve to do so because I'm nervous about it.

It's a timed writing test, and I'm not the fastest writer partly due to a lack of typing talent. I'm very thorough, but I'm not quick. It sounds like a really interesting position and I'm worried my clumsy typing is going to mess up my chances.

I finally took the writing test. It was difficult--you have to be quick on your feet. I don't know how I did, but I'm still worried I actually enjoyed working there until recently. The contract had ended for the client. The HR person, Jennifer Shedrick, sent an email out to everyone for a telephone conference call.

The call included the people who made outbound calls and the writers just collaborating and making sure we were on the same page. Jennifer stated that our next project will start in about 2 weeks after all the paperwork gets signed. I was very excited to start again. Two weeks go by and I hear nothing. I decided to email her days went by and I heard nothing. I decided to leave a message,I received no callback.

Next week, I email her again thinking my email went to her spam folder and since the holidays just ended, maybe she was on vacation. Called a second time, no call back form her. I went to the website and saw that they wee hiring again for my position which is Telephone outreach. I started to think, "Am I fired and I wasn't told? Why is she not calling me back?

By now my friends were telling me to forget Next Wave Advocacy because they are being unprofessional. I went to my account on LinkedIn under Next Wave Advocacy and saw that some new people that wee just hired and just connected with the company on the site. So, I decided to contact two of them to find out what is going on with the new project. She emails me and apologizes in the "delay" for getting back with me. She took over 3 weeks to contact me back!

She said that they couldn't put everyone on this project because it wasn't that large, blah,blah, blah. I never emailed her back. So, that is my experience with NextWave Advocacy. Well, I didn't pass the writing test. The grammar test was easy for me.

The typing test was difficult because my typing sucks. The writing test involved reading a sort of transcript about an issue and writing a letter like to an elected official.

It was also timed. The topic on my test was one to which I am fairly indifferent and not very knowledgeable. I think it was a combination of my slow typing, not getting lucky with the topic, and, possibly, their software setup.

When I checked the timer for the last time it had actually gone a little over and was still running. I don't know if that played a part in my not passing, but the way the screen was set up I couldn't see the timer when I was working. I had to keep scrolling up and down to see it, and the screen was "jumpy" did the grammar test on my laptop and the typing and writing on my desktop and both were "jumpy", so it's their software and not my computer.

Okay, this is getting really weird. I just checked my email like I do every morning, and there's an email from NextWave welcoming me to the company with a link to new employee paper work to fill out so I could start training. So, either the robo email telling me I failed the writing test was sent by mistake, or this email was a mistake.

Or maybe their test was so difficult no one passed, but they curved it because they needed to hire people anyway? Anyway, this turn of events and Cyntem's posting is sending up some red flags for me.

I'm mulling over whether or not to proceed. I'd like another egg, but don't know if this company will be a good egg or a headache. I've applied and am wondering if I should be happy or disappointed if I don't get in ;. I ended up taking the position, and so far I like it. It's still very early, but I'm cautiously optimistic. The funny thing is, I'm finding the actual letter writing much easier than their writing test.

It's different enough from Remilon I'm basically doing chunks of time in both each day that it helps with the burnout I sometimes get. Rather than research, it's more off the cuff and listening--no citations required. I got a job writing the letters. I start training next week.

I hope it's all good. Frizz, I'm in and happy! I got an invitation from this company today asking me to take the grammar and typing tests. I did great on both of them. Then, when I went in to do the writing piece, the audio clip wouldn't play at all!

I was so upset. I wrote a blurb based on the requirements that I could see on the screen, but I totally missed the mark for sure. I sent them an e-mail explaining what happened. Like the previous poster, I'm confident it wasn't my machine- it was something within their application that caused the audio file to not play while the text box was open.

Fingers crossed- this one sounds kind of fun! Only been with them for about 3 weeks, but so far so good. Simple work once you get over the fear of outbound calling for campaign calls.

I keep waiting for hours to be available. I thought it was supposed to start up soon- but I haven't seen anything. Can anyone talk about the types of campaigns they do there?

May be interested in applying but wondered if you had to work on all sorts of issues or could bypass certain ones if they went against your beliefs. All kinds of issues, but they don't seem to be terribly controversial. I don't think I'm allowed to go into specific detail. I have heard that if there is something you don't agree with, you don't have to work on that campaign, but I haven't run into that so far on a personal level. I have definite political opinions and I worked on all of their campaigns during the time they had work.

Glad to know it isn't just me. I was starting to take it personally! Me too, worked for two months straight as many hours as we wanted and then Hope it picks up again soon. We are not able to give details about the types of campaigns that they do. However, IF you are not comfortable writing certain ones they are pretty supportive of that. But I imagine it would be something you would want to talk to them personally about during starts.

Did this happen to you? On the list in SB, there were two "upcomings" listed a couple days ago. Did we work on these?! Received an email a couple of days ago saying large prj coming soon. I saw the stuff that was supposed to be starting up, and then was listed as complete. I didn't work on those or see any hours available to work during the time those projects were completed. I also got the email. I applied to this company last week and passed the tests.

Someone called me Monday morning I missed the call. I returned the call later and got a voicemail. Later that day, the same person called me back, and I missed the call again.

I have left several messages since then, but I have heard nothing, Did I miss my chance? Or did it take awhile for anyone to get back to you? I'm incredibly disappointed that no one is returning my call after they seemed so interested in me on Monday. You should be ok. Call back again and leave a message.

They called me, Icalled back and left a message and then they called back again. They never received my first message so I left another one and got a call back. Then you will have a phone interview and move forward with testing: It seems my hiring was in reverse. I took the tests first, then did a phone interview.

But I did get hired and started training today as a writer. I'm a writer at NextWave too. Haven't worked since everything ended in March. Has anyone been contacted about starting a new project? I was contacted a couple weeks ago, but haven't heard anything as far as training or anything new coming since then Yes I got that email about 2 weeks ago about a new campaign and training to come.

I went through training early this year, so I have a question for writers who have trained more recently. Did they say anything about having to sign up for hours quickly or the hours would disappear and you wouldn't be able to get the hours you wanted? I ask because I have noticed that I have to stalk their board to sign up for the hours I want. Previously, this was not the case--blocks of time, hours, didn't become "full.

If something came up and you had to change your schedule, you could do so as long as it was 24 hours before you were going to work if it was less than 24 hours you had to contact them. I'm concerned because I'm juggling this position with several others. Also, when I'm not working I'm not necessarily in front of my computer and I'm worried I'm going to miss a posting of hours--recently they sent an email saying hours were posted and within 90 minutes they were all gone from the calendar!

I noticed that the hours were gone too. I just started, but they never mentioned hours being gone quickly in training or the interview. There are hours available for next week if you haven't seen them. I actually have a question for those of you who have been writing for them for awhile--when does the clock start running on your time?

When you log into the system or when you actually start writing the letter? Also, are we paid if we go over our time scheduled? I am never finished with a letter at the exact time my shift ends. I usually end up going over about 10 minutes. I just want to make sure I'm getting paid for it. I was sent the grammar test, but the dropdowns did not work. I notified the company, and they sent a new link that kept telling me I already took the test. I tried several times to no avail. Finally, I closed my IE window and there was another copy of the test and the timer had been on, apparently as soon as I first opened the link.

I was able to get the first section finished before the time was up. I feel totally cheated of the opportunity to continue. Has this happened to anyone else? I remember hearing that in training, but the hours available don't offer me enough flexibility to work 20 hours, since I have another work at home job. I have been working about hours a week. Am I going to get fired? Does anyone else have this problem?

Bronte, I'm in a similar boat and have worried about the same thing. When I first started you could work overnight and Sundays. When I was interviewed, the woman told me that the schedule was flexible very early morning until midnight or later and if you wanted to work earlier or later, you could just ask and they would allow it.

That isn't the case. I can only work early mornings and late at night 9pm on. But I do like the job. My other jobs are more flexible, but I like the work at NextWave more. Luckily, my other jobs either let me sign in and work whenever I want with no advance planning or schedule or they are project-based with no site to sign onto.

Just my opinion, but I think people who aren't making calls should be able to log on whenever they want. I can see where callers would have to work during hours that people can be called and that various hours would have to be covered, but nothing in the writing job is "live. It shouldn't matter what time you work if you write. Maybe I will email them and ask if I can work later as the hiring woman originally said I could do.

I have been working three weeks and have never worked 20 hours per week yet. No one has said anything, but I'm nervous about it. Does anyone know how you take time off? Do you have to request it, or do you just not schedule yourself?

I need to take a week off at the beginning of June. I am going to send in an application as well. I am so glad I found this site! Today the writing panel seems very slow. Is this happening with anyone else? Also, has anyone had a problem with hours dropping off shiftboard? I thougt I had more hours showing up yesterday than I have showing today Its a revolving door! When I started writing with them, two things were made clear. First, this was totally project based.

I'm not sure they are "spitting you out when they're done" with you, I think it's more a question of their nature of their contracts. All of the projects end at some point, so it is what it is. The other thing is that there are expectations of productivity. I was also able to choose my own hours and work on my own time from home or while visiting family. The work could be tedious at times.

The major con was that I was told via email that the campaign I was working on was over and that I wouldn't have any work until further notice. So that was that. I checked in via email a few years later and asked if there were any open projects or campaigns, and I was told NextWave stopped contracting people in my state! Some kind of notice or heads up about that would have been appreciated. If you're looking for steady work, this isn't going to cut it.

You learn about interesting topics and issues, ranging from super-local to nation-wide. If your work is excellent, you can work on more than one campaign. The schedule tends to be flexible. It's fun to listen to phone calls, because there are some very talented people on the outreach team! Sometimes, there's no work and therefore no pay.

Because you're an independent contractor, there are no benefits. There aren't any opportunities for advancement in the company, other than moving to the editing team. If you are at all adept at making cold calls, this "job" is still not for you. You will spend a dozen hours going through their screening, spend money buying a specifically designated headset, learn their non intuitive poorly designed and complicated routine not paid time , eventually get "hired" and after a month of no contact, realize that these guys are just yanking your chain.

Thank you for your feedback. If you signed as an outreach organizer, the screening processes includes an audition call where you leave a message and then a phone interview. There are times when we can not place people on a project quickly, our work flow is politically driven and not predictable.

They really prepare you for each project which can be a challenging. You do have to be able to think to work here. The people are one of the things I like most though. They are fair, work with a sense of humor but professional. Work can be irregular. Work many hours for months on end and then things dry up for a while. Thank you for your feedback and your years of hard work and patience contracting with us. They pay a great rate for this type of work! As a writer on the GO team, you are helping people to participate in the political and governmental process, which is wonderful.

After the interview and training, all communication is conducted via email. This job is project-based, so while the hourly rate is good, there may be very few chances to actually pick up shifts. For example, it was nearly 2 months before any work was available after I was hired and it has been almost a month since that project ended. This is definitely not a job that you are going to be able to support yourself and your family with.

Update the language in the training manuals! Thank you for the feedback! You are correct this type of contract work is not geared towards being a primary source of income. Could you please share which manuals you would like to see updated? We would like to review them and see what changes can be made in light of your comment.

Work from home, make your own schedule, paid once a week and on time, the team leads are open to feedback and an opportunity to challenge yourself and meet new people.

I have learned about a lot of new legislation before it's made into law and had some really enlightening conversations with advocates as well. You have to have fun with this job and the people to be successful.

It can become tedious going through the motions, but with anything it is what you make of it. There can be down time with no work, but for the most part if you do a good job they will work you as much as possible.

Keep up the good work. Maybe think of giving bonuses for long timers or a pay increase. There are no pros! A ludicrous waste of your time. A new dimension in boring Having to make countless phone calls to folks who do not want to waste their time answering to a scripted phone call that takes 20 minutes or more to engage in..

By the time your call passes the five minutes mark, these annoyed recipients are ready to hang up on you..

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The Opportunity. NextWave is seeking work-from-home telephone outreach personnel to join our growing, independent network. Working in a unique niche of the public affairs market, we are able to offer opportunities to individuals with or without previous experience in grassroots outreach.. What matters to us is finding people with the skills to educate others and mobilize support for our. Work from home, make your own schedule, paid once a week and on time, the team leads are open to feedback and an opportunity to challenge yourself and meet new people. Glassdoor has 23 Nextwave Advocacy reviews submitted anonymously by Nextwave Advocacy employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Nextwave Advocacy /5(23). Work at home making outbound calls conducting political interviews with people across the country for Next Wave Advocacy. Pay is $11 hourly, paid weekly.