How to do car body work at home

Auto Body Repair For Beginners: A How To Guide

You know how the door skin comes around and it comes up and then is welded to the underside; that's the part you're talking about? What You Can Do Yourself. Want a FREE repair manual? Check that it is even. So, if you look at it in the light you can see that the reducer that I used didn't allow the metal flake to lay down to match the opposite direction I took with the first coat. The Daytona is notorious for having the doors too far forward.

In this tech article HOT ROD provides a D.I.Y. auto bodywork guide with some body and paint tricks everyone can do at home to make their hot rods cooler - Hot Rod Magazine.

Preventive Maintenance:

The suns UV rays are your paints worst enemy. Park in the shade whenever possible and always keep a good coat of wax on your car. The wax should have UV protection just like the sunscreen you use at the beach. Wash the underside of your car during and after the winter season. This will wash off the salt used to melt the ice on the roads.

Folks in the southern and most west coast areas don't have this to worry about. Make sure all drain holes around the trunk and hood are clear. These holes allow water to exit the ledges around the trunk and hood and prevent rust. Also check your weather stripping around all openings for rips and tears. Water will sneak in where you least expect it and eventually rust away your car.

Waxing your car will keep your paint protected from the elements but what about the other side of the body? The inside is often neglected on older cars. Rust proofing is an option but if the rust has already started just covering it will not stop it. The existing rust must be removed or chemically converted before rust coating is applied. What to discuss with your body shop: Like looking for a mechanic, check your body shops accreditations. Also ask for their guarantee, good shops will do the job until you are satisfied.

In my experience even the better shops have to redo a few jobs here and there. Do not hesitate to ask to have the job done to your liking. So we towed the car there, put it in her paint booth and we did all the paint work in her paint booth. There are some bugs that got in and when you find one, you just flake it off and if this happens during the wrong painting process you end up with very small particles of wing embedded in your paint but that gives it character don't you think?

Not necessarily going to win any major shows with it but I think it looks better than it did when it came from the factory. Misalignment, yeah I've run into that problem. The Daytona is notorious for having the doors too far forward.

I've even had people ask me, 'do your doors interfere with the front fender? To deal with the misalignment of the doors I removed them. After so many years the cars hinge pins needed to be replaced anyway. I did the same thing with the rear deck and that was a challenge.

To do this I had to loosen the hinges from inside the car where the hinges mount to the body. I did the same thing with the hood. Now, they are all lined up. Another challenge was getting the round door for the gas cap perfectly centered so the gap is the same all the way around. That was a challenge, it took a couple of washers and moving things around a little bit to build it out and move it over but in the end it finally lined up. I spent about a day on that.

So all this paint work and all these adjustments came ' this is now the year what year is your Daytona? My Daytona is an ' I bought it in December of , so I'm the only owner of the car and it has seen some action. My daughter drove it to and from high school and college. There was a time where she was accused of ramming into the back of another car with it, but trust me it didn't happen, the other car backed into her. They were on an incline and my car has a manual transmision.

Once I drove it to Connecticut and the door was bashed in, the only serious accident that it has ever had. You know, you have these dings that you can't avoid.

I was stupid one day a few years after I got it and backed into a Mustang and did a little ding on the rear which was taken care of. Beyond that, the car is solid. We had a couple of rust areas that we had to deal with and did. If you are going to paint the car you have to paint everything. Taking your car to a place and having them slap some paint on makes it look good for a little while but they have to tape around everything.

In my case, I removed all the trim, I removed the wings, the doors and everything to get all the doors, hood, deck and other panels lined up. I also removed the entire interior except for the dash and the steering column, that we taped around.

The entire interior was removed for a few reasons. First to inspect the floor and second insure that when the painting started we had full access to all metal parts. We found a couple of rust areas in the interior.

I had an issue with my quarter windows on the side, those were also removed because I had some issues where water had gotten in and it eventually rusted some holes in the spare tire well. So we repaired that and I found where the water was coming in by getting inside after the interior was removed and having someone spray the outside with a water hose.

We removed the quarter panel windows. We didn't break them which is kind of remarkable because they are held in with 5 screws and butyl tape. It's touted as being one of the most difficult windows to remove without breaking the glass. When I pulled the rubber trim off of the back glass I did that because I didn't want to have any paint underneath the trim, and I didn't want to tape it off, so I just removed it.

Once the car was finished I had the glass guy come out and pull the rear glass, re-trim it, clean it off, reseal it. Then I said ok, how much are you going to charge me to put these two side glass pieces back in?

Well, basically it was another tube of that liquid urethane. He said, I put this on there, those things are never coming out. I said that's fine. So, he put it on, slammed it in place, I put the screws in, tightened it down and went and did the other side. I tell you what I have not had any more water, so those side glasses were leaking.

We painted the mating surfaces of those quarter glass areas and cleaned it all up really well. How about the one common place where even new cars tend to get rust, the bottom of the door seam, on the door itself.

DO NOT use cheap tape. You will thank me. It's much cheaper in the long run, and good tape won't ruin your work like cheap tape Paper edges that are not taped down will blow open during spraying and allow overspray to get beneath the paper.

Don't forget to mask doorjambs before spraying primer and paint. You won't believe how much paint can get between a closed door and the doorjamb when you don't want it to. If you need to prime and paint the door edges and doorjambs, then do them first and allow them to dry. After they have dried, mask off the inside of the door and the doorjamb. The door can then be closed and the exterior primed and painted. If your car has old paint without cracking or peeling, you can probably just repaint.

If it has problems, then you will have to do some bodywork See the next article in "How to do bodywork". The condition of the surface will determine the grit of paper to use. A very rough surface may call for grit paper. In such a case re-priming will be necessary. Skip ahead to the article on Priming If the surface is in good shape, and you're gonna use sealer, the surface can be sanded with or grit.

If you're not gonna use sealer, the surface can be finish sanded with or so grit paper and then painted as long as there's no bare metal showing. If you need to do bodywork, then let's continue on to the next article in how to do bodywork, How to Strip Your Car. But it doesn't have to be!

How To Do Bodywork: Where To Start?

How To Do Bodywork: Where To Start? How to do bodywork This is one of the biggest factors in how your hotrod will look. Yet it's one of the biggest and scariest steps for many hotrod builders. Don't drive your car if you are unsure of the damage, you can do more damage to the car on the drive home. Repair Rust - Learn How To Do Body Work. Rust and dents are inevitable, learn how to keep your car's body looking it's best. Get tips on preventing rust, and fixing dent and accident damage. Sep 23,  · This video is a guide on doing basic car body work. Distributed by Tubemogul. Contact Precision Restorations at to get a quote for your classic.