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Applied and asked for Temp-to-Hire. I would work for them again. Environmentally friendly More time with family and friends No more cafeteria or vending machine food Fewer distractions Avoid the hassle of traveling to work. You work with other college graduates instead of others. Its an income that is steady while you are there. You would need to go outside the building if you need to make a cell phone call.

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They placed me in a job close to home with work at home available. They were helpful in job search. Have not had much contact with Kelly Service managers as they placed me in a job quickly. This is a temp agency and they pay pretty good but you don't have any room for advancement.

I would work here again but for a different company. The job was a little stressful. Kelly did provide a work from home position. The management team was okay.

They did place a lot of pressure on meeting requirements. They did focus a lot on micro managing. Alway knew when that year came up you will be let go for 3 mouth. You had a good place to work for one year. It was up to the company to bring you on full time. No matter how good of a worker you were if they were not hired at that time, you did not get hired.

They will say we can place you some were but it will only pay minimum wage. The Customer is the primary focus. If the customer needs me then I remain employed. If the customer doesn't need me then there is no Kelly home office to return to. My performance review is written directly by the customer and given to me by my Kelly representative. Worst Staffing Company ever poor management.. Poor company poor management would not recommend this company to nobody. Don't waste your time go find something else they don't help you and what you're looking for they like to place you were they want to place you.

Worked for Nissan Temp. Great place to work I learned a lot about contracts and dealerships here. Great training, great opportunity's available, I loved working here and loved the people. Nissan is well on their way great company to work for who love their employees. I was very displeased. I took another position and was actually told that I could never work there again and that I was permanently removed from their database.

Want to know more about Kelly Services? No intention of hiring full-time permanent. Applied and asked for Temp-to-Hire. Position would not materialize or if offered would require a shift change. Work hours requested would only initially be offered.

It was a job. I thought it had promise, but it didn't work out. I enjoyed the work at BCBS. The people were nice and friendly. Working as a Temp for Kelly Services allowed me the opportunity to refine my clerical, data entry skills, and customer service skills. I also learned how to be more adaptable to diverse working environments. Productive Workplace with Open Door Policy. The only negative comment is the lack of communication between Kelly Reps and Business Manager. Overall I have had wonderful experiences with Kelly Services.

Filing typing how to work with micro fetches more filing Technics workplace was multi-cultured very cold in buldings the co-workers was polite managers was helpful. Kelly Services helped me gain knowledge to advance my career. Its an income that is steady while you are there. You can use some of the knowledge you have gained elsewhere.

Most test rubrics are clear enough to qualify on in your specialty. You are not around people who spend their time texting, talking, or taking pictures on their cell phone because it is not allowed in the building AT ALL. You would need to go outside the building if you need to make a cell phone call. If you use a cell phone in the building, then you are immediately terminated and not eligible for future employment. There are landline phones within the building provided if you need to make a local call on your break.

Does not pay much. Is not 40 hours work per week. Is not year-round work, you only work for several days to several months at a time. Some parts of tests have ambiguous rubrics that are difficult to qualify on, but those are mostly far outside your specialty. There is nothing management needs to be told via a review on Glassdoor. Once you accept an assignment, you go right to work instead of an interview process. Several assignments seem to be long term. The pay needs to be better and there are no real benefits.

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Come join our KellyConnect team! Looking for an exciting job you can do from the comfort of your own home? Our team is looking for motivated, outgoing, service-minded individuals who want to offer our customers an unparalleled experience over the phone. Kelly Services is a global leader in workforce management solutions offering staffing services to top companies across a variety of industries. Learn more! Kelly Services is an environmentally responsible organization that strives to reduce the environmental impact of its work through waste reduction, conservation, and preservation practices. The organization offers a comprehensive range of flexible work arrangements, including direct-hire, freelance, part-time, temporary-to-hire, and remote, work.