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There is good money to be made in this business, but it's a saturated industry with plenty of shady operators that give us all a bad name. I have a gmail account and it wouldn't take it. Do you have any experience or knowledge of peoplesoft or what the pay structure is like for commission jobs? Advice to Management Pay people it's your job. It keeps showing error messages denied recognizing email. Go through a course, then do a test.

Our jobs empower you with the experience of working on projects for cutting-edge IT companies, while providing a true work-life balance - with flexible schedules and the convenience of .

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I guess I will wait and see. I am not patient with nonsense. I keep all emails from these people, work at home stuff. I think this company uses their many test to get free labor. They have you do lots of work that they call test for free and they never hire. Hi, thank you for this awesome site! I found some great job opportunities here.

You can find the available jobs from iSoftstone on http: I applied for this position, but unfortunately they were not accepting any more new hires. The good news is that they said I could apply to be an online web evaluator. It pays the same as this position source: It took about a week to get a response after I sent in all of the required info, but now I am awaiting further instructions.

Monica — when you say it took about a week to hear back after you sent in the required info, does that mean after you sent in your NDA agreement and your Windows Live email address? I sent those in and now I am waiting to hear back. Yeah, this is after I signed the NDA, got a outlook email, and verified that my computer met all of the technical requirements. I hope to hear back from them soon! I heard it can take a long time to hear back from them.

If the person who runs this page can see this, you have a problem with your page if someone makes a long post. They finally got back to me about two months ago saying my application was incomplete.

So anyway, they let me finish the process and sign the NDA and I took the training course for the ad evaluator. Let me tell you first off, I personally think the guidelines make little to no less and are contradictory at times but I followed them as best I could. Furthermore, there were technical issues with part of the page not loading. I submitted my test and sent a followup email saying I was done. Great, I think, something went wrong and my test was never submitted and they think Ive been dilly dallying all this time.

I contact tech support and retake the test in the meantime. I see an ad for a different position in the company and I apply. I watch their hour and a half training video, download the toolbar I need and then I cant login to actually train.

I contact tech support, get a response asking me about my Java and. How does tech not know this by now? I see two other people here with the same issue. I am supposed to start training with them but when I log in to the UHRS website that was provided in the e mail, there is nothing for me to download or click on.

It just says no HITapps available. I am reading about some sort of tool bar…what is this? I was never told to download a tool bar. I applied a week ago and now I got the email that tells me about the training and qualification test.

The thing is I cant seem to log in to the training video even though the password was provided. Is anyone else having this problem? Their quite slow about emailing back. Toolbar is worthless for Windows 8 Internet Explorer. It keeps showing error messages denied recognizing email.

I was hoping to get into their search engine evaluation jobs. All I did was submit my resume and fill out their paperwork, and they e-mailed me and told me I had passed the qualification test. No information on pay, though. Yes, it is exactly the same as MTurk. I ended up giving up on them and have no desire to do anything for them after the experience I had. This particular job was not what I was looking for at all. Does anyone know how to do the actual training? I am in NJ in the US. I had the same problem.

I had to downgrade to Version 10 of IE in order to get the special Bing Toolbar for this particular Project to work correctly. Well, I reached out to a Tech. Support Company to help with my Computer and unfortunately I am running Windows 8.

Which was very disappointing because I spent a lot of time reading the Guidelines, loading on the special Bing Toolbar and trying to downgrade my Version of Internet Explorer.

I let him know that I was certainly interested. He sent me the information; I read the Guidelines; took the Training Set yesterday; and just completed the 3 Qualifying Test Sets a little while ago. Good Luck to you and take care! Hi Candace, Sorry — I just saw your question. So for me it was a total waste of time. Be your own judge though and Good Luck. Take care and God Bless! Sorry, I misunderstood your previous post.

Hi, I am in the testing phase for the ad evaluator position. It seems interesting so far and everyone seems very nice. I have heard they are very difficult but most say worth it. Lionbridge is pretty strict on working for someone else and I think iSoftStone is too. Thanks to one of your posts a month or so ago, Anna, I was hired for an iSoftStone contractor position a few weeks ago. The training seemed to take weeks right during a time my other company was offering extra hours, so I lost a potential few hundred dollars because of that.

The certificate was actually very, very important there, and it was enough for them. I'm American, so no one questions English skills. I was thinking more in terms of using it to teach the language. Can you link me to the site for the online TEFL you did for free? And if you have any other links you'd be willing to share, I'm desperately looking for online work.

I moved from the U. I'd actually like to do something online that isn't teaching, but for now am more concerned with the income. My wife worked for lipnbridge for like 4months and they cut she off without giving any proper explanation, she was doing a good productivity and I am a web developer I know she was doing that.

This is the only point I find bad with them, and Ive read feedback from others saying the same too. They just drop people off when they have too many people I suppose. That is why I made this post so that people can hopefully share other jobs that aren't contract based and more reliable. I am still in College, so no. I also have no prior experience teaching.

PM me if you want any specifics. I just made a full post regarding QKids. Check it out Here. The same happened to me, to make things worst they have claimed that my timesheet was wrong and they were willing to pay me less than i've actually worked.

I work from home full time salaries job with benefits. I also have a masters degree, but not all of my coworkers have one. We do have to travel times per year, so this is not the set up for someone who has significant anxiety around other people, and that is why they want to work from home. I've worked from home for the past ten years. And looking for remote jobs was a nightmare. But I found this site, and every so often I post jobs that appear interesting from it since I frequent their site never know when that perfect next move will come up.

Here are some of the jobs posted, this is just in the data entry level. Many other job categories to look at. Different data entry jobs are available from different companies that alloe working from home. You would have to look at each job for the requirements.

If you have a skill like writing, editing, graphic design, web development, even bookkeeping, you can reach out to companies and offer your services. People wasting their time working for some crap company, instead of working on learning new skills and, working for themselves.

There are so many freelance options out there. Find a service, people will pay you for anything these days. And you don't have to be a fucking writer, either. I know a guy that provides personal assistance, for just 3 clients.

If you need money to live, get a normal job, then stay home and focus on building something for yourself. It takes time and persistence, but you'll be working for yourself, not working like a slave for somebody else.

You're overestimating the freelance industry. The majority of people who go at it solo make less than minimum wage because of sites like the ones mentioned price gouging services like virtual assistance. It also takes a great deal of marketing that most people have no clue how to do. Like I already said, it takes time, persistence and hard work. I never stated otherwise. But, you'll never fucking know if you don't try. I had to starve for a few years before making a comfortable living.

Not going out, not having a social life, not binge watching Game of Thrones, eating 1 meal a day when you can't afford otherwise. This is why I don't care about the "majority". Most people aren't willing to do what it takes. If you want to be your own boss and, work on your own time, you're gonna have to put in the effort.

It's not going to be a The more you put in, the more you get out. If that's not what you desire, then just work towards whatever job makes you happy. Maybe some people don't want to be rich, that's cool. You made a recommendation to start freelancing because it's "the only way you're gonna make legit money, for a longer period of time. His clients are typically businessmen. The key is building a relationship with a handful of them.

It's no different then any other service-type business endeavor. There are others as well. I live in a city with two call centers owned by alorica. I have personally never worked there, but they have a very high turn around and they change the employees schedule last minute, without warning or notifying the employees.

I had gotten an offer from them but took a different job instead. I didn't know they were bad. No, do NOT work for Alorica. They bought West Corporation where I live and I've worked for them from home for years in the past. They are terrible, have very fast turnaround, and then being on my resume has made it hard to get other jobs because of a stereotype that Alorica hires literally anyone and you must not be "that good" at anything.

To clarify, I've had issues with them not paying me correctly, I had issues getting paid on time and I was not being paid for the amount of work I did. They also constantly refused to pay if their system caused a malfunction. For example, if you were supposed to log in to work and you couldn't because something was down, you still were not paid and you will be told it's company policy and nothing will be done.

Sometimes, I would work my allotted time and would be shortchanged hours on my "Hours Worked" screen. It would say I worked on a day I never did doing fewer hours I actually did. They would pay maybe a quarter of that then claim they couldn't do it again due to policy.

Of course, it would happen again. There are schedule issues since you need to fight to find hours to work , you can and will be fired if you don't work enough. If they simply don't give enough hours for everyone, you will be fired still. I ended up quitting before I was fired on a "skill" they have due to them not giving enough hours.

I am lucky enough to have many friends who work from home, and one of the most recommended work from home jobs I hear about is isoftstone. They tend to fly under the radar but they really do have a lot to offer. The handful of people I know who work for them heard back in days after applying and were able to get to work rather quickly after the initial on boarding paperwork and a couple of tests which they had multiple opportunities to pass.

Based on their experiences there is plenty of work available, they require a minimum of 10 hours per week 30 hours maximum.

This company ensures quality standards are constantly met by monitoring speed and accuracy closely but, if you can get into a rhythm the rest takes care of itself.

If you have any experiences with isoftstone we would love to hear about it! Or, if your interested in seeing what they have available, check them out here: Jan 15, 4: Thanks for stopping by WFHW! In this corner of the internet you will quickly learn new ways to make money from home and maybe I had a really bad experience with isoftstone. I cleared all the tests but at the end they gave an email that the opportunities have been closed. I didnt hear any email after that.

Is there any admin email to contact them and ask about my status? I am really sorry to hear about that worksearcher! It seems like positions with isoftstone fill quickly considering they usually reply very quickly to applications.

Have you tried applying to one of their crowdsourcing positions? Apparently they have been hiring for that position recently so it could be worth a shot! Let me know what you discover! Does anyone know if you can work for both Zerochaos and isoftstone at the same time? This task shortage is killing me. Asher, I do know a few people who work for both Leapforce and isoftstone and they do very well! I don't think ZeroChaos and isoftstone have a non-compete clause so it could work out great, but I would definitely email them first just to be sure.

Hope this helps, that would be a great setup! I haven't received any email from them at all. Everything I've read says they usually get back in less than a day, so I'm really confused. I also work for leapforce so hopefully that isn't why. Should I email them? Should I apply for a few more similar jobs with them? Thanks for stopping in Allabouthair! I would definitely apply to as many as possible if they are jobs that interest you. One of those maybe a position that they really need to hire for in which case you will hear back very quickly!

Some of the others maybe in higher demand but don't worry because they still might reach out to you, my brother had the same experience. One month after applying they reached out to him and he was on board in no time.

I'll do that, thanks! I don't mind waiting since it sounds like a great opportunity. Just happy to hear about it. I think it will make you feel better to know that my brother loves the job!

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iSoftStone is another company that hires home-based workers for search evaluation (similar to companies like Leapforce, Lionbridge, etc.). They do not always have openings and I cannot confirm they are hiring for it now. Work from Home Non-Phone Jobs at iSoftStone – Part-Time, Training Provided iSoftStone is a legitimate international company founded in and headquartered . iSoftStone is seeking work at home English transcriptionists for a 3 to 6-month project. These positions are available anywhere in the U.S. These positions are available anywhere in the U.S. If you’re interested in getting started in general transcription, this might be the perfect opportunity.