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The support and advice you offer round the clock is exceptional. To anyone who is not sure about getting started I would say — try it! I have been working with my Worldwide virtual assistant AnnMarie for the past year. I have recommended Worldwide to anyone looking for an assistant and not yet ready for a full time hire. I have been working with Worldwide for the past year, and the service has been great.

When you begin working with a client, you will work directly and communicate directly with that client, but the team at Worldwide will be available as a resource for you should you need assistance or have questions.

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Management is always supportive to the team, be it about issues with clients, questions about compensation or the company in general, or through transitional periods. From the top down, Worldwide lives the values it claims!

I am fortunate to live and work in a beautiful, remote area away from the hustle and bustle of my previous East coast pace. With Worldwide , I was able to set the pace. I started out as part-time and gradually transitioned to full time. I thoroughly enjoy the diversity of my roles for each client and their respective industries. I was afraid that my skills would become out of date once I left the corporate world but nothing is farther from the truth.

Worldwide has incredible support and a true open-door policy. The guidance, suggestions, encouragement, praise and team spirit I enjoy with Worldwide is such a gift. Additionally, I work closely with 2 other VAs and value the camaraderie and support they provide. I don't have any cons to share. Instead I offer advice: I love management's positive and kind approach.

I love the newsletters! Keep up all the fun team building! Thank you, Sandra, for your vision and leadership! Great training and screening program, flexible work schedules, excellent communication with employees, immediate reimbursement. I had been working free-lance for several years and my major problems were finding new customers and billing for services. Both of these problems are non-existent with Worldwide Their process to match clients with staff is well planned and smooth, to guarantee that both are happy with the results.

Worldwide also offers tips and training for programs that are available to help in every aspect of the job. I have learned about programs that I never would have known about without their suggestions and updates. The work is variable and interesting as the clients come from diverse business sectors around the world. The only Cons that I had were my own doubts when I got started. Since I have been up and running, everything has been positive!

I am very happy to be a part of Worldwide 's team. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile.

Are you sure you want to replace it? View All num of num Close Esc. How does your company compare? Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. Follow Add a Review. Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Pros I am a military spouse that moves frequently AND has a young baby so finding a job that allowed me to work from home and move with me all across the country was exactly what I needed.

Cons Worldwide has so many "pros" - I don't have any "cons"! Worldwide is the perfect midway between full time employee and virtual assistant. I am very happy with both of our virtual assistants. They are super responsible and intuitive to how things work in our business.

In fact, they just get better and better and continue to impress me with their diligence. About a year ago, I wanted to grow my consulting business and add some additional services that required the need for a skilled marketing assistant. I had struggled mightily in the past to hire the right people for my company and was about to give up hiring anyone new until I came across Worldwide They had a very flexible pricing model and numerous highly skilled assistants to choose from.

After hiring Nicole and Shari from Worldwide, I can say that without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions I have made and has allowed us to continue to grow. Whether you are a small to medium sized business that needs to get some stuff off your plate, or a growing agency that needs to build a great team around you, I would highly recommend Worldwide for your virtual assistant needs.

Worldwide is hands-down the best VA service out there! I have a very particular set of needs for a VA- I need someone who is bilingual in French and English and familiar with both my home countries, the US and France. Worldwide is the only service able to help me in that regard, true to the name, worldwide. Where other services might do the bare minimum, Worldwide goes above and beyond.

Anne-Lyse went to great lengths to learn my workflows and style so that she could be most helpful. She was quick to understand, and had lots of good ideas and an excellent response time.

Emma, my account manager, checks in regularly to make sure everything is going smoothly. Sandra, the company founder, and I keep regular communication also, and everyone is so kind.

Any kind of confusion in communication is quickly resolved with a smile. While the management team is fantastic and very responsive and supportive, I did have some communication and turnaround time issues with my assistant I was the on the hour monthly plan.

I felt the ball had been dropped on several occasions, or that projects were rushed at the last minute for completion before deadline. While I appreciate the many stellar reviews of Worldwide , I experienced inconsistencies, mostly around communication and turnaround times. In the beginning, the assistant definitely helped me get organized and introduced me to project organization tools like Asana. She also had a decent eye for design, and used services like Canva for social media posting.

But most disconcerting was that as she got more comfortable in the role, she started slipping on deadlines. Perhaps WW should monitor this—if a VA has a bigger commitment and no time for smaller clients then they should re-assign. I constantly felt like I was chasing my assistant for responses or follow-up for certain tasks.

Finally the straw that broke everything was when the assistant just plain lied about getting back to me in response to—what else—but my request for status about a task. Worldwide is a fantastic and well-run organization. I had two virtual assistants through them — Ellen and Tracy. Both were fantastic — experienced, easy to work with, great attitudes and very helpful. Worldwide really knows how to select the right assistants and trains them properly so that they are ready to help you.

Sandra and the operations folks are always reaching out to make sure you are happy with the services. I would not hesitate to go to Worldwide again for another request or for ongoing help on something. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, definitely give them a try — you will not be disappointed. My VA with Worldwide is perfect. I did a lot of research and even tried another company.

As a business owner I needed a higher level VA than just someone who will google stuff for me. My VA has been awesome. Freed up a lot of my time, and is better at a lot of things than my own staff or even myself. HUGE time and money saver. Thanks so much for making such a great match! Our firm is in fast-growth mode and needed a fast, reliable, expert assistant. We found Worldwide through numerous online mentions and made the call.

They provided us with an expert business class assistant who had all the skills and experience we were looking for. We were literally doing productive work the first day of our contract. Our assistant, Erin, is highly skilled and asks all the right questions. Erin, Emma, Patty, and the entire team at Worldwide have been wonderful to work with. If you need a skilled, reliable executive assistant then Worldwide should definitely be on your short list.

Having Claire as my Worldwide business class virtual assistant has been amazing. Over the past year, she has become a true asset to my business. Not only has she mastered her tasks, she takes joy in them — which allows me to focus on what I love to do. It has worked out so well that this summer I was able to disconnect digitally for the first time since I launched DailyOutfit!

I took a month break, and forwarded my emails to Claire with full confidence that she would know which ones to handle, and how to handle them — and which ones to alert me about, or file to action when I returned. Worldwide has been a lifesaver for us. Thank you, Sandra and team! I am so happy with my Worldwide Business Class virtual assistant.

Kirsten is a RockStar — she makes my life so much easier!! Worldwide is a great service. Working with Ellen and Worldwide has been a wonderful experience.

So wonderful, I am not exaggerating when I call it life-changing. I had never worked with a virtual assistant before, and the benefits have been so numerous that I will never go back to doing everything myself.

As a small business owner, I had been so caught up in the day-to-day tasks of my business that I had no time to focus on the big picture and give myself time for creativity or long-term planning. Having Ellen on board changed all that: The benefits of working with a virtual assistant have been so extreme that I have turned into what some might call a Worldwide evangelist.

We are all very busy people, and the stress of our business or profession can really take the energy out of us. If you have little time, then having a VA is even more important. They were able to assign someone to me with the exact skill sets I needed — fluent in Swiss German — and from day one my VA has been able to adapt to my working style and my needs.

But not only that — I work with someone very productive, who thinks outside the box, asks the right questions and who anticipates what I need! Over the past year their team has allowed me to focus on my most important priorities, which lead me to getting a truly amazing business opportunity. This would not have been possible without their help. We have been more than delighted to work with the Worldwide team. We have 3 wonderful virtual assistants working in different times zones to cover the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe — and each one is such a perfect fit for us!

They exude the values in customer care that we hope to achieve at Porch Potty. One of our Worldwide VA has been so very valuable in helping us move forward, stay on track and grow our business. It is not always easy working with someone like me who is so focused on marketing and sales.

I know that often emails and communication with me can be sporadic and, at times, cryptic. It has been extremely valuable to work with a VA from Worldwide, who is an integral part of our team and brings business experience from previous corporate roles.

I did not want someone to run personal errands or fill in expense forms, I needed someone to help us grow the business. My VA has helped build a new website, create a social media strategy, manage my appointments in the City and administer online IT systems.

Michael Hyatt talks about the value of having a rockstar VA. The team will work with you to assign the right virtual assistant based on your requirements. Mine is amazing and so talented. My virtual assistant Erin has been wonderful to work with. She has terrific work ethics, and is very easy to get along with. Thank you Erin for all your help! My Worldwide Virtual Assistant is a total rockstar. Our VA, Emelyne, is always very attentive to our project needs and schedule, and does an amazing job communicating professionally on our behalf.

The team is available to help with administrative requests, project management, and book-keeping. I am a huge fan. I could not be happier with our choice to work with Worldwide!

I consistently received glowing remarks about our Worldwide representative from our customer base. The standard that Worldwide upholds is premium. Worldwide is a fantastic group of people, the service and the quality is difficult to match. I definitely recommend them for all your needs! I was drowning in email and not doing a particularly good job of keeping up with all the demands on my time when I decided to hire a VA.

I put out an RFP and got back a number of responses. I interviewed seven different firms and thought that Worldwide was the best. I recommend the service! My Worldwide Virtual Assistant, Stephanie, is awesome.

We treat her like a member of our team, and we really enjoy all the help that she provides. Our Worldwide Virtual Assistant has been wonderful to work with! She got up to speed really quickly and gets things done for me really quickly. My clients are really happy and so am I!

The virtual assistant we worked with was top notch and provided considerable value to my company. I would highly recommend Worldwide and will continue to use the service in the future.

Things are beyond perfect with my new Worldwide Virtual Assistant, Trish. I am so very, very, very happy. They are dedicated to top quality customer service and their approach to support their customers is truly unique. Everyone I spoke to or got in contact with, has impeccable communication skills and an excellent attitude. Back then I thought I could get away with cheaper, and I so I shopped around.

I choose another VA company with a very disappointing experience. In the meantime I continued to read the regular newsletter from Worldwide with great tips for small business owners. What I particularly appreciated was that you get to speak to your future assistant before you sign up, without any obligation. That gave me a very good feeling. Instead of being just assigned to a VA that might be a good fit. I got to speak to my assistant, and I was the judge if I perceived her as a good fit.

I was looking for a native German speaking VA for content marketing and have been assigned to Carmen. She is very experienced and knowledgeable in marketing and branding.

Carmen brings in great ideas and unconventional solutions. The collaboration is productive so that many goals have been reached. To sum it up: Everything you read on their website corresponds to the reality. I have two Worldwide Virtual Assistants and they are both awesome! One of them provides me with admin support, while the other provides design, and newsletter support. You would not believe the hassle that is. But she has been amazing. Wow, she has just produced the most awesome newsletter for me!

Great team, thank you so much to Worldwide for the ongoing support! As my business was growing I had a need that Worldwide filled wonderfully. By having a dedicated resource for a set amount of hours for key administrative work, it freed up my time to focus on servicing my clients and business development. My assistant came up to speed quickly, was professional and immediately felt like part of the team. They have revolutionized my business.

It has been the single best investment I have made over the past year. I have been able to focus on the highest leverage tasks and have a reliable partner in the process. The fact that they vet candidates and match them to your needs and personality is invaluable. When my primary VA went on vacation, someone stepped in seamlessly for three weeks. Very well organized and professional.

My VA, Audrey, is smart and fun and a very professional representation of my company. I highly recommend Worldwide ! I started working with my VA about 6 months ago and it has been beyond amazing. I needed help in getting the online structures of my coaching business up and running as well as content creation and editing. My VA is knowledgeable, professional and does everything in a timely manner.

I feel so supported and know whatever I need help with will be executed in a top-notch way! I also used Worldwide for my website creation and love the work they did! I started using my VA from Worldwide about 2 months ago and it has been the best decision I have ever made!

They matched me up with a perfect match and we really had the same view on a lot of things. She really took the reins and developed some great systems and processes for us without giving me any extra work as we did a lot of this reorganizing.

I look forward to being able to spend more time developing my business rather than buried in my emails and client conversations! I checked out numerous VA shops before going with Worldwide I was looking for someone who could be client facing and represent my company be able to take high level direction and then go figure things out and get things done.

Sandra matched me with a great VA and Erin has been exactly what I hoped for. She is very professional and very smart, which saves me a lot of time! I can briefly explain fairly complex tasks and she gets it quickly and gets it done. Sandra is great and super responsive.

I highly recommend Worldwide With my brand consulting, speaking and author platforms, Some tasks took way too much of my time and were not where I needed to be spending that valuable time! I needed help creating valuable weekly content for my audience. Worldwide was a breath of fresh air. Worldwide was a fantastic choice for my small company. The assistant paired with us showed initiative worthy of a full time employee as she found ways to streamline the processes we handed to her.

These people are quality. This was my first time hiring a VA and they made the process as comfortable as it could possibly be. They matched me with an extremely competent VA who was scarily in tune with my industry. I thought the chances of finding a VA with experience in the creative industries was going to be tough, but Worldwide came through.

I would recommend them for anyone who is looking for pretty advanced services rather than just the odd job.

For example the content research and generation that I was assisted with was first class. This is not just an average VA company, this is how you get superb quality and service. I had worked with VAs before, but I was always disappointed with the competency and churn.

Worldwide is different. They provided me with a highly competent Virtual Assistant who is there for the long run. Becky is truly a member of my team and has been incredibly valuable to helping me create online courses, marketing materials, and blog posts.

We share a similar work ethic that makes it easy for me to ask for what I need and expect that it will get done. She represents Worldwide very well. I especially like the can-do attitude and clear communication. Other words that come to mind: Not to mention speedy customer service from Worldwide Stop reading this and message them!

I own dozens of website and keeping on top of it all is an enormous undertaking. I decided to hire some help, but hiring a virtual assistant is also a great deal of work. However, I was lucky enough to come across Sandra and the team at Worldwide who made the process very quick and painless. I was up and running with a wonderful assistant only a few days after my initial inquiry with Worldwide , and the assistant they placed with me was a perfect fit.

She never made the same mistake twice and was a quick and eager learner of my business processes. All of the tasks assigned were done promptly, and my assistant never disappeared on me, something I have heard is often a problem with hiring a VA. We used to have top notch quality support in banking so we looked up several virtual assistance companies that looked like could match our desired standard.

Sandra Worldwide herself promptly got in touch after our initial enquiry and offered all the comfort we were looking for. Besides, if you need a logo, website or other potentially virtual services, WW can easily connect you through your VA with the relevant team member for that area of expertise. We cannot recommend Sandra and her team enough, they run a very well rounded-up team of virtual professionals.

Best use for our start-up limited budget! After working with several VA companies overseas and having trouble getting any meaningful work done, Worldwide has really done a lot to change my opinion of the kind of work that you can delegate virtually. My assistant Barbara has helped tremendously from taking over all of our payroll and employee record filing to intensive administrative work such as supplier invoicing.

I have complete confidence in her abilities to perform sensitive work completely and accurately and even catching a few of my mistakes along the way. From ensuring our orders are placed promptly, to managing supplier payments, the extra set of eyes has been invaluable.

Our company has started working with Worldwide since the beginning of this year to do all our customer service for each country, and they have been absolutely AMAZING! Very professional, always on time, knowledgable etc… but most importantly, the team of people we work with are all lovely!

I have been working with worldwide for a week. It was an easy process to have them choose my VA- and she is great! I chose the company because they are flexible and I could have the same VA all the time.

With no office politics getting in the way I find everyone works really well together and there's a real sense of ownership for making the company thrive and helping our customers succeed.

What's really special about Worldwide is that not only do our clients get to choose who they work with on our team, but the virtual assistants get to choose their clients so it creates this awesome win-win atmosphere where people are working on what inspires them.

Keep up the great work! And keep the brownies coming on Birthdays!! The company is caring, the work is extremely interesting and the team are fantastic. Although we are spread out across the world, there is a real team spirit and there is always support when needed.

To be able to work from home and to continue with my career is my ideal job, and on top of that I am part of a dynamic team and a forward thinking company. This is the most vibrant company I have ever worked for and it really is an insight into the future of working virtually. Sandra, the founder of the company is highly motivated and is a genuine pleasure to work with.

Her approach is very professional, she is friendly and encourages personal growth, and is always open to new ideas. The training given is very comprehensive to ensure you have the best possible start and the support is ongoing. Working virtually isn't for everyone - you really have to be highly disciplined to work from home successfully and not be open to distractions!

Make sure you play the game or it's all over. Keep the back stabbing to permanent staff. I am a military spouse that moves frequently AND has a young baby so finding a job that allowed me to work from home and move with me all across the country was exactly what I needed.

Worldwide has made all of that work-life balance so easy. Not only are they great at finding clients that match your experience and interests, they are always available and eager to help with anything you need. I love being able to "be my own boss" but still have all of the support working for a company allows.

I would highly recommend working for Worldwide! Worldwide has so many "pros" - I don't have any "cons"! If you are looking for work-life balance this is the job for you! With the ability to work anywhere and make your own schedule, you truly have the ability to be present in your personal and professional lives. The leadership is so supportive and willing to listen and help when you need it. There is a better culture in this remote organization than the culture in the traditional office setting I was in before.

Flexibility, Leadership who cares, work from home, support, good culture, I could go on and on! Don't lose sight of what you've built and what it stands for - this company is amazing! Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. Are you sure you want to replace it?

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Worldwide customer. Premium virtual assistants for demanding founders & executives. Learn how we work. Over-the-Top Customer Service. We're top ranked at Virtual Assistant Assistant for good reasons. For example, we make sure you always have a trained backup VA in case of vacation or emergencies, and we guarantee satisfaction. Worldwide has incredible support and a true open-door policy. The guidance, suggestions, encouragement, praise and team spirit I enjoy with Worldwide is such a gift. Additionally, I work closely with 2 other VAs 5/5(46). I learned about Worldwide through FlexJobs and have been hired as a virtual assistant. It was a successful outcome at last, after looking for quite a while. Thank you, FlexJobs! I applied to multiple jobs that would allow me to work from home, and I was pleasantly surprised to have quite a few companies that were interested in working.