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Don’t Get Scammed by These Crafty Work-at-Home Assembly Jobs

And one of the dominant niches was military miniatures. The focus here is on using clay to sculpt the trunk. Site news and information about Greenleaf events will be posted here too, so be sure to check in often! Apparently, there are a number on online sites that have done just that. But you might not want to sculpt in clay.

Make 1/12 scale doll house miniatures from home for Artisan Miniatures. Work at home for great pay.


Each craft assembly site makes sure to state, in one form or another, that the assembled craft pieces must first be approved before they are paid for by the materials issuing company. And those craft items will not be approved unless instructions are followed to the letter. But what if the provided instructions are made unclear to the assembler or the provided materials are so cheap and flimsy that a quality product cannot be made? Here are some testimonials from various work-at-home craft assemblers who tried to make a little side income through work at home craft assembly jobs:.

This company had several negative reviews and unhappy customers were quite vocal with their complaints. Mary Alice Houston, TX: You know how I know this company is a scam? Jeff Martis Central IL: I did quality control and checked every cross to ensure it met standards. We determined that 3 were sub standard so we reassembled them again, and sent off all of the crosses into the buyback program.

After telling them I had crosses ready to send to them I got a reply telling me there was a 2 month long wait for turnaround.

After that they stopped replying to me, period. Nobody will buy the crosses! Not local Christian bookstores. While customers did not come outright and call this company a scam, many did state that its craft projects were time-consuming and difficult to do.

The company has a high rejection rate and sends back many craft projects marked as unacceptable. RipoffReport lists at least 22 complaints about TinyDetails, most of which focus on the following issues:. While not every work at home craft assembly job is a scam, even legitimate craft assembly companies are getting some heat for their slow turnaround times and high product rejection rates. Assembly workers frequently mention that the training videos are either incomplete or falsely illustrate the quickness and ease with which the selected project can be finished.

And of course, all craft assembly companies require an up-front training fee, a common sign of an online work at home scam. Work at home craft assembly jobs are also prone to a second tier of scams: These lists provide names of craft assembly sites that are either out of business or which thrive on subscriber fees more than product buy backs from crafters.

Kinya provided a review of one such list site, Assembly-Jobs. There's only ONE program I really recommend. Click here for the exact formula I followed. Halina Zakowicz is a full-time freelance writer, investor and aspiring sci-fi novelist. In her spare time, she appreciates the finer points of zymology by brewing various hops-infused concoctions. Good article, there are a lot of courses about crafts that you can learn and assemble , with this you dont depending of a company.

My wife sent in money several years back to John—in Slidell, it was for a different ripoff and it looks as though he is still at it. What a great site! A friend of my husband had a publication that listed several of these companies. She has been making cross stitch for a company and not having any problems. I need an outlet to keep me busy as I am disabled and unable to work at a regular job.

The fact that most product assembly jobs are scams shouldn't deter you from seeking home-based employment. Many legitimate options exist for freelancers, contract and remote workers. If you are the type of person who enjoys working with your hands, consider these options:. Lainie Petersen is a full-time freelance writer living in Chicago. Her writing focuses on business, career and personal finance issues.

Skip to main content. How Product Assembly Job Scams Work Typically, an ad for this "job" will make big promises about the money you can earn assembling products at home, such as CD racks, earrings, or bookmarks. Red Flags There are several red flags to look out for when evaluating any work-at-home opportunity, particularly one that asks you to assemble products: Requiring you to pay for materials and training.

Legitimate employers do not ask you to pay them for the privilege of working for them. Everyone who applies is accepted as an assembler. The reality is is that some people are more skilled at handiwork than others. A legitimate company would want to review samples of your work before making you an offer. The company does not have a physical location. Sales and promotional posts should be made here.

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Here are a few samples of the various assembly products listed below:

Nov 17,  · I ran across this last night on google. It's a company that pays you to assemble miniatures at home. Anyone familiar with it? I know a stay at home mom wh. Artisan Miniatures buys the things you make. You can work at home at any time of the day or night. You are paid for what you produce. Best of all, since there is no limit to the number of kits you can have, there is no limit to the amount you can make. Here is a simple explanation of . Do you like making crafts? Many work at home craft assembly companies promise that you can make hundreds of dollars per week by assembling crafts at home. The problem, though, is that your crafts must first pass their high quality product standards.