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I have been fighting an immune system disorder for 2 decades and am reliant on myself and my computer for subsidizing my livelihood. I like live streaming but have had to call 5 times xfinity my provider to have them do what ever they do to reboot my app. I suggest that for further phones, there be a device that will automatically detect that a driver is in his vehicle and shut the prompt for texting off. Fortunately the store moved my pictures from my old phone to my new phone so I at least had them. What can you do for me?

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I believe I have the right marketing idea to sell iPhones into emerging markets, such as India and China. Who do I contact to discuss this concept? Thank you for your consideration and please mention our name. U spend money to buy apple products and went u got problem, all fall into deaf ears. I also have problem in my iPhone. Good morning, I am writing to the executive office in regards to my chat experience, and the way I was handled. So when I chatted with Holly she said basically she cant help me, I am a Student, you guys have a student program, I told her that I have a lot of apple products including the new iphones and new apple watches 2 of each, so I bring business to apple, so I told told her that I would take my business else where, she failed horribly when it comes to retaining the customer, her reply okay have a good day, left me as a customer hanging out to dry, no help!!!!!

I am not satisfied with Apple because of Holly!!!! My phone is in activation mode and the iPad is in lost mode with a message in Russian.

I have spent hours on the phone with Apple care support and about six hours at the Apple Store and no one can help me. I am basically told that I might not be able to use my phone or my iPad!

What am I suppose to do? I drive long distances to work, I need my phone for emergencies and safety issues. Dear sir, My name is Harsh Davda. I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Sir, I have an apple iphone 6 and recently i updated my phone to ios 9.

After updating i am facing a problem with it. In setting when we go to mobile data there is an option for application for which you can turn it on or off, i usually keep only 2 3 apps to on rest i use it on wifi. So after upadting i when i go in to mobile data option and turn on safari or any application to use mobile data it automatically refreshes and turns off. I think this is an serious issue and i am facing a very serious problems due to that.

I cannot use mobile data when i go out. If theres a emergency then also i cannot do anything. I think you will be able to understand my position and will definetly try to solve this problem as early as you can. We all know Apple is a reputed company so will not disatisfy his customers and will definetly solve the problem quickly.

I hope you will undestand our position and will co-operate and resolve the problem quickly. Thanks sir Thanking you, Yours faithfully Harsh Davda. The conversion occurs when the customer opens the IBook app on the later gen IPhone in my case it was an IPhone 5c and clicks on one of the books displayed in the IBooks Library.

Because 1st gen IPads are not upgradeable, Apple does not have any technical remedies for the problem, nor can they supply me with replacement books no replacements are in a format compatible with my non upgradeable 1st gen IPad.

The IPad in question was purchased second hand in , as were the lost books. Because I am 80 years old with vision problems, reading several hundred pages of books on an IPhone screen is not an option. I brought the matter to the attention of: Boulder CO Apple store personnel — At least 7 Itunes customer support people recommended by Eric , the Apple Store manager all of whom sympathized, apologized, and empathized with my situation, but adamantly refused to reimburse me for the cost of the lost books or replace them with copies compatible with my 1st gen IPad.

See Cases , A couple of these people deserve special mention! Senior rep, Sue, associated with case , promised to look into the issue and get back with me.

That was over 1 month ago. Subsequently I returned to the 29th St. She replied that it was not possible to do so. Additional points that I would like to emphasize: Does the automatic upgrading feature represent an engineering flaw for which Apple is responsible, or does it represent a planned obsolescence strategy, designed to make customers replace their old IPads with more current models?

As a long time Apple customer bought a Performa in the 90s and experienced superb customer support I had associated your company with product reliability and corporate integrity. Such corporate values were nowhere in evidence among your support personnel. Indeed, their performance effectively contradicted the values and integrity that Cook proclaimed. I totally understand your frustration, I too am experiencing the same type of customer service support from Apple. I run a business all my clients emails, phone numbers, etc.

Heather told me she was a technical support supervisor and there is no one I can talk to above her, there is no one else who can do more than her. If Apple really wants to know about Heather they need to listen to their recorded conversations and they will find out how bad things are and they are paying incompetent technicians to lose business.

I called back and another tech is trying to restore to a backup but then the backup disappeared so off to Engineering complaint to try and fix. Two years ago I went through hours cause my backup was lost then…..

I am a commercial real estate developer in Madison WI. I was wondering who I could contact regarding a potential location for an Apple Store.

This site would be a relocation opportunity so the market is an already approved market. Thank you for your time. Why is Apple not marketing one of the most important features on IOS 8. Medical Emergency Info —to more first responders, Hospitals and other Emergency res-ponders.

Apple built in Medical Emergency App. We recently have had first hand experience. My Grandson was found in his college parking lot, his car door open, holding on to a post and incoherent. You can imagine the first responders thoughts. However he was able to hand them his iphone, with all med info that had just been load 2 weeks before.

Noting his Asperger s all of his meds, panic attacks etc. A few hours of treatment and he was released back to college dorm. Consider the time lost without info in the Med App. Our whole family has now uploaded the info.

Especially this 77 year old Grandpa. But what value if we do not have first responders that do not know to look for info on iphones. Just a thought, and a personal note to thank you for the iphone app. Or perhaps I just do not see the notices in the offices , training rooms, and emergency medical rooms. If nothing else think of the commercial value of having the name Apple on all of the Apple Medical App information. I bought an Apple Watch the day they came out. As per my work order, the Apple rep stated that she replicated the problem while I was there.

Went in today to pick up my watch and was told that Apple did not find anything wrong with my watch and just sent it back. I am sent home with a watch that I know is going to act up again. So much for Apple reputation of pleasing customers. They refused to exchange my watch for another. Absolutely disgusted with the attention I have received Spain, my phone is just over one year old, and as we do not have an official representative of APPLE on the island of Minorca we have to contact your support by phone.

I have been told different things by one agent and another, and finally have been told that my phone has humidity inside it, I have never had my phone near one single drop of liquid, so the agent told me it was probably due to the climate. Been an apple user for over a decade: I have gotten used to the high prices of the devices, but when my daughters charging cord for her Air laptop stopped working after 14 months, i was outraged at the price.

This is insulting and I do not appreciate being price gouged. Besides that when she went to a store to check out this problem she was told there is a 6 hour wait for genius. Meanwhile, dozens of employees stand around waiting to sell sell sell. She came up with the idea of testing to see if the problem was in the cord vs laptop and asked to use one of the cords laying around. Do you not pay these people to think?? A few short days ago the unthinkable occurred with my phone.

Can you guess what happened? I was unable to make an appointment online therefore I called Apples customer service line to look for assistance. It turned out there was a terrible storm out causing issues with the appointment system and phone calls so my call was disconnected.

Within thirty-seconds I received a call back from an employee Kandice Baxter. I have to say customer service at Apple was fantastic from this point on.

We had some bumps and it took a few minutes here and there but with four nearby locations and all stores having fully booked appointments for almost one week she spoke with a Manager at our closest location and had it approved for us to head down and try and resolve getting the phone fixed as a walk in where I would be ensured to be seen which was perfect! On top of all this hassle of getting an appointment Kandice waived a fee since we were out of warranty with the Iphone and allowed us to get warranty pricing which was such a nice gift that I did not even ask for.

They offered us full retail price on a new phone which I could not do at the time. I left and went home and decided I would just deal with a broken phone for now and reach out to Kandice via email regarding the in store situation I dealt with. Within a few hours due to time-zone differences she called me back and informed me she has taken care of everything and spoken to the stores Manager. I went down to the Apple store after work and within minutes had a new phone waiting for me ready to go.

After this experience I have to truly say I have never wanted to work for a company more in my life than Apple and all I was doing was simply reaching out for customer support. The complete satisfaction, determination, and consistent follow ups really brings Apples customer service above and beyond anything I have ever seen or heard. Not only did this experience turn around my day; it actually flipped my whole week around and demeanor while dealing with a sever head cold.

I been having a problem with my iPhone and so I called apple and they said that they would send me a loner phone and I can send my phone out for repair. I was looking to change jobs and new I would be giving up my work cell so I purchased a cell phone to be proactive.

Three weeks after buying the iphone I sent a group text to my family with a Thanksgiving invite. Shortly after I sent the group text, I started to receive responses but was unable to tell who was responding as the contact name was not available on the response.

I continued to lose my contacts intermittently, so continue to call Apple Sr. Advisors and they begun their process to diagnose the problem months later , It is now July and the Sr. Advisors are now telling me that they denied my claim as they believe it was an exchange problem.

My phone is still under warranty and I also have insurance but nothing can be done to help me. How does this make sense. Apple notified us that they were no longer security supporting Snow Leopard, an OS that came with a MacBook Pro just four years ago, one of two MacBooks we own, advising us to upgrade or risk security breaches.

Unsure about the problems associated with an OS upgrade online, I decided to take the day off and trek miles down from our home in the Sierra Foothills to the nearest Apple Store in Modesto, California.

I was there at the When I finally got to the store greeter, I told him about the long drive and that I wanted to upgrade the OS. He took my personal info and I asked if I could have it done today. He told me sure, but the first available appointment was going to be at least five hours wait. Now I overheard him say the same thing to the young lady in front of me who was a bit more comely than I, and when she balked, he modified her appointment to a 3. But next up, I was still stuck with five.

I asked him how long the OS upgrade would actually take, and he said 20 minutes. He also said that the store techs were top notch, and would probably have an appointment for me sooner than the five hour wait. For five hours, the last three on a bench outside the store, in 90 degree heat. Oh I tried to go inside and see if there were any cancellations. And I waited in another queue again to see a different greeter. When my turn came, he got me to a tech.

I asked him how long it would take, and he told me 24 hours, that there was a lot of systems backed up. I was told 20 minutes! Try sometime, to actually call an Apple Store and talk to a tech, or even a store manager.

I will never own another Apple product again. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from Apple products and I plan to post it on social media. Not that Apple cares I was under the impression Apple cared about their customers but I am sadly mistaken. I purchased a Mac Book Air in November. My daughter traveled with the mac book in May. She took it out of her suitcase once to use it. She put it back in the suitcase. She took it out when she got home and it did not work. She went to the local Apple store and was told there was water damage and it was not covered.

We both have no idea how any water could have gotten in it as it was not around any water. After 2 discussions with 2 different managers, I am left with the feeling that they do not believe the story.

The luggage was checked in as baggage and not carried on the plane. I was told by an expert IT person that most likely condensation formed in the computer while underneath the plane due to the temperature changes.

The warranty only covers faulty Apple components. I argue that the whole computer is faulty if it cannot withstand an airplane ride without being ruined.

I am still paying on the computer that I purchased for my daughter for college. Now I have no computer for college and no money to purchase another one.

There is story after story on the internet about people having similar issues as I have had. I am sure we are not all lying. I will also be contacting my local news station to make a call for action report. I purchased this because I was told it was a great product and the warranty would take care of my needs.

What a waste of money. This has been a nightmare. Got an Ipad Air as a gift from my children on my birthday very rarely used it but recently decided to use it with my photography business.

It will stay on for a very limited time and when I say limited I mean by three to four minutes. It will not charge and all I get is a bleck screen. I have called Apple support was transferred several times which was a total of thirty minutes being transferred. Once I did get someone they hung up on me so the whole process had to be repeated and finally just got irritated and gave up. I just want Apple or someone to make this right due to the fact my children paid a good bit of money for this gift that I cannot use.

Just hoping Apple Co. I have an iPad. I like live streaming but have had to call 5 times xfinity my provider to have them do what ever they do to reboot my app. To many to list. They are spot on! And non of them good. I hope that between to mega companies they can fix the issues listed. Really bad for business and a really easy fix.

I am a senior and thought I would die of old age before ever touching a computer. The upgrade changed everything that I was used to seeing or doing in that program. Panic set in and I could not correct any of the major issues that I saw.

I think apple is a rip-off I bought I phone 6 every time I buy phone a phone you have to get the apple care for I just wanted to thank you again for a product that will not stay connected to a wifi network consistently. Steve Jobs would be ashamed of this product. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. Regardless of what the law might allow in Indiana or Arkansas, we will never tolerate discrimination. According to their Islamic-based governments, homosexuality is punishable by death in Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

What these nations are doing to their gay communities is despicable and should be condemned by every decent person. We hope Tim Cook believes that as well. We call on Mr. Cook to live up to our shared principles by pulling Apple out of Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran until they stop their official government policies of jailing and murdering gays and lesbians.

So do you really stand for anything, or like most people on the left, you are a hypocrite. With all the technology available there must be a way to put a sensor in phones that detect motion which turns off texting abilities Texting while driving has become a VERY dangerous activity that needs to stop. Yes, lets put in a sensor that detects motion so people must stand completely still before being able to use a phone for any reason. I hope this is corporate customer service for Apple products.

In September , you upgraded IOS 7. I wanted to see what people thought about it first. Ipad 2 owners were horrified — the upgrade wrecked their ipad experience. In Feb , my mom borrowed my ipad. This is unbelievable, and unbearable. I would like to revert my ipad2 to IOS 7. What can you do for me? If you look online, you will see how seriously this upgrade has affected ipad2 users.

We are not your guinea pigs! Refusing to allow customers to revert to a previously approved — by apple — and fully functional — for consumers — IOS seems capricious at best and malicious at worst.

Please have someone look into this issue, and contact me with a resolution. I simply cannot afford to purchase a new ipad every time apple comes out with an awful IOS update. Most of our friends have an Apple phone, ipad or laptop and have been raving about it.

Apple products were always a bit out of my price range. After 2 months of ownership, I am quite disappointed and wish I had just stayed with my familiar Microsoft products, even inspite of their numerous hick-ups. My problems are the following: Prior to my purchase, I stopped at the Phoenix Biltmore Apple store to get some advice from one your many many young people in blue.

That was more or less satisfactory and I decided to give it a try. On Friday, March 13, , I called the Biltmore office to make appointments with the Genius Bar people and at the same time asked to sign me up for the extended product care, because I cannot do this online due to a password interference.

To this date, I have not received a confirmation and I just phoned the Biltmore store again, but was redirected to ITunes, then supposedly redirected to???? Needless to say, this is all very confusing and aggravating. To facilitate this research at your end, here are the two Case IDs: I would truly appreciate if someone would call me and solve my problem without me having to go through this painful experience of phoning and transferring and so on. And I do not want to have to dispute my American Express charges at this point.

Getting apple customer care to resolve my issue with a purchase of an iphone6 plus has been a nightmare. Feb 26, I purchased a iphone 6 plus via Apple online. Phone was received Friday afternoon tried to activate but was unsuccessful conferences called sprint and apple but attempts to activate phone failed. Apple sent a phone that was NOT compatible with sprint even though purchased was for sprint iphone, yet Apple will not recognize error in retun apple requested for phone to be returned and would send me a refurbished replacement which I did not agree too because the phone I paid for was a brand new one which had not been used.

After being on hold for what they call two minues and customer are trying to figure out situation. Was on the phone for two hours and still solution has not been able to accomplished.

Apple received iphone on March 9, has returned money to my account but failed to notify Sprint in order for me to be able to repurchase a phone using the eligibility discount. I have contacted apple several times in which I have spent no less than 2 hours on the phone with what is the so called customer care which is so incompetent and unwilling to accept the lack of knowledge of how to resolve situation. My case number is My return number is and.

All you need to do is send a return receipt which includes the serial number of the phone I return to Sprint national Sales support that apple deals with and this issue would be resolved.

How difficult is this?????? Yet your customer care rep says they have no access to fax or email to complete this task has promised this would be taken care an yet my account is still in the same status How can this be possible please take care of this situation. All I wanted is to upgrade my phone. Huge headache calling Apple Support by telephone. Can you do anything to help me?

First, your Customer service prompts you to wait just less than 3 min. Today, I have experienced…. Two hours on the phone… zero progress, missing cues blamed on the customer, blaming customers for errors in the database, Applestore visits 3 , phone conversations that go nowhere, arrogant representatives, extremely long holds. I ask you, this is Apple? I had to call back, queue again, then escalate to the manager… Because this representative refused to acknowledge that there was in fact a problem, even going so far as to accuse me of causing the problem.

Yet, sundeep arrogantly claimed Apple and the system has NO problem, but that I have the problem. There is an obvious corporate culture that is pervasive throughout your telephone customer service. Clearly, the corporate culture that is entrenched is that customers with problems are problems themselves. Customers with Customer Service Department problems become the joke. Please help, if you can.

Would like to have this intermittent wifi problem fixed please. I Got a new iPad air as a gift from kids, Dec. I have to go into settings to reconnect. Everyday, all day long this has been an issue! I have documentation form office of the president for these issues For the past year. I have been two days of troubleshooting over the phone with Apple Support and nothing could be fixed, they said never heard of the issue….. Ok so get it home, set it up, restore and all those things…..

Get up the next morning and guess what?? Safari cannot get a connection…. ALL of the exact same issues.

This ipad has a 90 day warranty……what is my solution to this ongoing very nerve wracking problem? Yes, everything has been tried….. What is Apples solution for this issue? Yes my iPad is updated. One time the music was so bad I hung up. Apple has one of the, if not the worst system for getting to the person you need to get to. This seems to be standard for apple. God I wish there were a better company and system in which to speak with the necessary person who can explain how to do something with the pages program if in fact it can be done at all.

I never ever seen such a poor performance of any mobile like Apple…I bought Apple iPhone 6 on 4th jan On January 9 I bought an IMAC I to lad the person or sales representative. I am illiterate in putting together the wiring and settings , so If they can help me show how to operate and put everything together, they are very helpful and my computer was put together in no time. Before I left, in about two weeks i am planning to buy a printer with fax on it.

So today 16 of January I purchased the printer. But before i bought it, the salesman I was with is kinda fishy, He told me to be able to show me how it works I have to buy it first. So i paid him he open the box and told me just read this instruction. But I wanted to him step by step how will I go by to install it.

His in a hurry he just want and repeatedly follow instruction. So disappointed because my mom who is 80 years old waiting. So i went home. Its upset me more now that I am having complicated installing it. And I found out that has no fax capability. I am very angry now, that I have to call and explain it to other I spoke to. I am getting a run around and they keep saying when i ask where is your manager they put me on hold for 45 minutes and I got connected to Texas apple store. Apple should trained their sales people to the best of their ability.

They took my money and thank goodbye. And I never got the right printer I was promised to get. Is this the business is going on now. This mistake was not my fault and they need to compensate the right printer with fax machine. Unprofessional top to bottom. I purchased my first iPad 1 when they came out.

Used daily until I was given another model then passed on to my daughter and grandchildren. The iPad was lost for 6 days. It was found outside on the swing set screen side up exposed to 3 days of rain and then freezing temps.

Dried it off, charged the battery and it works wonderful. Thanks Apple for a great product! I bought an I-Phone 6 Plus. I stored my backup on my pc with no password.

After viewing multiple threads regarding restoration asking for a password that was never created I tried the suggested solutions. None of them worked so I called Apple. Fortunately the store moved my pictures from my old phone to my new phone so I at least had them.

Unfortunately when I called the help line they provided a direction to me that lost all of my photos over memories of family, friends and experiences. The supervisor Marcus Hargrove told me that I could get a 3rd party software that would unravel what was stored and restore it to my phone.

They did offer a financial amount of unknown quantity. I asked for his supervisor. At that point I was told he did not have one and that he just had a building manager.

I asked for a programmer from Apple to help me. They gave me to customer service Amanda who promised to follow up tomorrow. I bought an Apple laptop and have bought the Apple lessons Training package every year. Surely Apple Headquarters need to offer their loyal customers yearly lesson packages even at an increased rate? We enjoy going to Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland for our fortnightly lessons. The Training Staff are superb.

I am not buying a new laptop after only 3 years. Please Apple Headquarters offer loyal customers the chance to buy a yearly lesson package. We are retired and there is a lot to take in besides IMovie and iPhoto. Please reconsider and offer more trying packages beyond the 3 years. The phone is in pristine condition and also has an Apple leather case.

I started calling Apple at 8 am on Friday, November 14th. To date, no one is willing to replace the phone with new. I have nothing to gain but the new phone that I just purchased. I have been a loyal Apple customer and currently own: I was also absolutely treated poorly as a customer with the iPhone 5 because the local Apple store refused to change the battery after I complained that the battery discharged rapidly. I went ahead and changed the battery at my cost because it needed it.

Subsequently Apple had the battery recall and reimbursed me for the battery but I also had a problem with the power button causing me to hobble along with the system workaround to turn the phone on and off.

At the same time, the Apple store would not replace my IPAD battery even though it was covered under Applecare using the same bogus test that said nothing was wrong with my iPhone 5 battery. So, here we are again with the iPhone 6, poor service never mind the contractual obligation act. Customers should not have to work so hard for Apple to respond. I think this is a poor reflection on the Apple brand.

I switched teams to Apple from other brand but I am seriously questioning this decision. I received a new phone IMEI: They took my old IPhone and gave me the new one. The new IPhone stopped working after a day and I went back to the store on November 3, when I got the first appointment at 7: This time, they told me that they needed to inspect my new IPhone, so they took my IPhone and told me to come back into the store at 9: Store closes at 9pm.

I came back at 9pm and was waiting until 9: Then I was told that my IPhone cannot be fixed or replaced. I asked to speak with the store manager to get more information. Ryan McNally, the store manager came and explained that there are some missing parts in the phone, so they cannot help me repair it or replace it. I asked him how is it possible that parts are missing in a new phone and which parts are missing.

He refused to write me a report which parts are missing and explained that these parts can be only removed manually when the phone is open. I am very frustrated and disappointed that I was accused of opening my new phone and stealing the parts, because I am the only one who was in possession of my phone besides the technicians in the apple store when they inspected it.

Not to mention how he explained it using the special tools for stealing parts. I have no criminal history or any illegal activity or accusation in my life. You can check my record. I am a straight A doctoral student and a former professional athlete. I was transferred to speak with a supervisor Taili Stars at 9am on November 4th. After explaining what happened last night, she told that she was going to call Apple Store Boca Raton at 10am when they open and that she will call me back.

She said that I have to wait 48hours and then call again Apple Care. She also said that my case number is and that unfortunately this was her last day working for Apple Company. I am hoping that you can help me with this matter and to replace my IPhone since it is obvious that I was given a defective phone at the first place. I really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I have had battery issues since I first got it and Apple has been very bad at making any restitution.

The environment each day was ok everyone seemed nice I didn't really talk to a lot of people. The must enjoyable part was completing a call and the customer is happy. The bucket list job that proved to be all that I figured it would. Nothing bad to say about Apple. All thumbs up to the people that are there, along with those to come. Whether it be in the form of a customers experience while in-store , onto simply achieving my own personal goals. Could definitely see myself returning to the company sometime in the future.

Very talented and creative people. Mis-managed from the middle. Oten talent was overlooked by middle-management. Youth was often preferred over experience.

More high profile work was sourced to youth rather than experienced talent. Apple is evolving into more of your traditional retailer. I don't know that it's a bad thing, but the hours are long and customers are not as appreciative as they use to be. Leaders within the company at large aren't recognizing the hardships they are potentially creating at the store levels for both the internal and external customer by some of their policies changes or roll outs. Apple moves slow to convert contractors and at times inaccurately portray that they will convert and several months go by and no change other than more work load and no change to the status of contract conversion.

Feels like they use you and then release you. Apple was a great place to work. Apple is a great place to work that really focuses on you growing as a person rather than forcing you into a sales role. The focus on the customer and the complete solution builds a really great work environment. Fun and Supportive community Environment. Amazing people and benefits that most would not even think of having in a workplace environment. I would recommend this job to anyone that is high spirited and energetic.

Fun positive vibes and funny people. Calming calls not to bad of customers funny people to interact with and fun events occor.

Fun Halloween and Christmas activitys and amazing computers. Work with the best become the best. Your career is what you make of it.

Perfect place to work for go getters. Do not expect management to take interest in your career. It is up to you to have experiences, promotions, raises and advancement.

Pros the people you work with are amazing. Cons a lot of responsibility and pressure for what should be more pay. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate.

Most satisfying , most difficult and most rewarding job ever. Pros We work with geniuses - in every department, We create innovative products that thrill our customers and create new product categories - who else can say that?

Join the Apple team. See Our Latest Jobs. Advice to Management You guys are awesome. Cons The schedule changes every 90 days and you have to bid for your shifts so you never know what you are going to get. Advice to Management The management consists of a team manager and their area manager.

Pros Working at Apple means that the things you work on get into the hands of hundreds of millions of people, literally. Cons It's a lot of work, teams are usually strapped for resources and under pressure to deliver on strict timelines leading to high stress and long hours at certain times during the year.

Advice to Management Keep fighting for "what's right". Pros Apple is big on playing team and vouching for their employees. Cons Pay is cool, but could be more for such a prestigious and profitable company. Cons Have not come across one yet. Pros Great management, great pay, great benefitd.

Cons No commision, sometimes you cant get new positions. Pros Benefits, matches, insurance, stock options. Cons none that I can think of. Advice to Management Keep it up. Cons Difficult to acquire full-time unless you stand out and break the goals set for you.

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Apple is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodation to applicants with physical and mental disabilities. Learn more. Apple is a drug-free workplace. Jobs at Apple. We are committed to diversity. Apple is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. 4, reviews from Apple employees about Apple culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Being able to work from the comfort of your own home. You will be able to schedule what days you are available to work. However in the last years it has become very typically corporate. When I began it /5(6K).